As you might expect of a Product Designer, Charis Williams is pretty proud of her home - but not many designers can boast that they renovated their kitchen on a budget of just £50! In fact, Charis decorated and furnished her whole house on a shoestring.

Jumping into skips, digging through salvage yards and combing car boot sales is second nature to this money saving guru. Charis grew up in a creative family who taught her all the skills she needed to become a bargain hunting expert: her mum ran a vintage clothes shop and her dad worked in the building trade and showed her the practical skills she needed to renovate a house. Later in life she ran a reclamation yard in Brighton, dealing not only in high quality and rare salvage items, but also providing a service collecting brand new unwanted building materials such as sinks, roofing tiles and concrete blocks, and selling them on to be reused.

Not only does she love making a saving, she’s all about saving the planet too. Charis’s mission in life is to stop the deluge of useable materials, furniture & textiles, being wastefully chucked into landfill each year.

"My whole house has been done up using items that are either free or really, really cheap!"