Fancy making one of these?


_We advise that spray paints should only be used in a well-ventilated area away from other people. Masks should be worn to avoid inhalation

When carrying out any electrical work in the home please seek advice of an electrician registered with a government-approved scheme, such as NICEIC to avoid risk of electric shock, fire or explosion._

What you need:

Cricket helmet

Spray Paint

Nuts and bolts

Light bulb

Standard light fitting


Hollow threaded bar


Cable wire

Light fitting nut


Penetrating oil lubricant

Torpedo Switch



Wire strippers

The process:

1. Start by taking out the inside of the helmet so you are left with the empty hard shell of the helmet.

2. Unscrew the faceguard and keep to one side.

3. Tip: Use a penetrating lubricant oil to spray onto the helmet so as to help remove stubborn bits of glue. It’s important to wash off any oil lubricant with fairy liquid or other oil combating soap as paint won’t stick to an oil surface.

4. Once you’ve removed the insides and the glue, sand the helmet with a fine sandpaper to create a key for the paint.

5. Make sure the helmet is completely dry before spraying.

6. Before spray painting the helmet shake bottle thoroughly as per the instructions.

7. Apply by spraying lots of light coats to stop the paint running.

8. Use a hammered surface spray paint if you want to give the helmet a metal appearance.

9. If the paint runs, carry on, then fine sand it and paint again until you achieve the finish you’re happy with.

10. Leave to dry.

11. Next, make the light fitting to transform the piece. If you’ve never wired a lamp fitting and/or plug and are unsure about how to do this make sure that you speak to a qualified and NICEIC registered electrician for advice in the first instance.

12. Use a hollow threaded bar to thread the cable through and use the nut to tighten it up.

13. Cut cable wire to approx. 5ft with torpedo switch in middle.

14. Thread this wire through to the light fitting. Remove outer sheath or wire and cut the individual cores to the desired length.

15. Then place earth, brown and blue wires into the right places on the fitting and tighten up so that it lights up. The earth wire must be connected to the earth terminal in the lampholder.

16. Finally, screw the faceguard back on to helmet.

Watch the full video here: