Kirstie and Phil's Love It or List It
Series 5 Episode 3: Albrighton

In Albrighton, Jamie Lea and Curtis have reached a stalemate with their three-bed terrace. But with their budgets being tight will they decide to love it or list it?

Did a dormer sort out Paul and Vic's chaotic chalet or was the List It line-up victorious?

First shown: Wed 21 Feb 2024 | 47 mins

Can Jacqueline and Renee sort out their underutilised space, or will a new abode wow them?

First shown: Wed 14 Feb 2024 | 47 mins

Did Carol and Andrew create the space they needed, or did a Yorkshire gem catch their eye?

First shown: Wed 7 Feb 2024 | 47 mins

Did Jamie Lea and Curtis end up loving their menace of a terrace, or listing it?

First shown: Wed 31 Jan 2024 | 47 mins

Can Kirstie deliver a conservatory clincher, or will Phil find a west-coast winner?

First shown: Wed 24 Jan 2024 | 47 mins

Will Gill and John love their inherited countryside two-bed, or head for the city?

First shown: Wed 17 Jan 2024 | 47 mins

Can Kirstie create a Love-It-worthy layout or will Phil's abodes tempt Nilesh and Raakhee?

First shown: Wed 10 Jan 2024 | 47 mins

Will Ruth and Ken go for Phil's open-plan options or Kirstie's persuasive plan?

First shown: Wed 3 Jan 2024 | 47 mins

Can Kirstie solve Sarah and Caradog's space struggles, or will Phil's List-It line-up win?

First shown: Wed 27 Dec 2023 | 47 mins

Tim and Sonia are living in his childhood home. She's settled but he's ready to move on...

First shown: Wed 20 Dec 2023 | 47 mins