Killer by the Lake

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    Walter's Intro

    Lavish and addictive French crime drama featuring memorable characters Lise and Clovis from Vanished by the Lake, a knotty plot and glorious locations captured in stunning cinematography

    Graphic imagesThis episode is subtitled1 min 29
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    Episode 1

    The corpses of two women are found - one right after the other - in the lakeside town of Annecy, and married police officers Lise and Clovis have no doubt that it must be the work of a serial killer

    Strong language and graphic imagesThis episode is subtitled49 mins
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    Episode 2

    The police find a third corpse in a state of decomposition at Annecy. Could the woman, who was assassinated using the same ritual as the other two victims, have been the killer's first target?

    Strong language, violence, graphic images and sexual scenesThis episode is subtitled54 mins
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    Episode 3

    Lise asks her mother Marianne to come and live with her family. As the killer continues to ensnare women, Clovis and Lise's teams work hard to understand his operating methods and attempt to trap him.

    Strong language, violence and strong sexual scenesThis episode is subtitled54 mins
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    Episode 4

    The police take the risk of setting a new trap for the killer using an officer on Clovis's team as bait. Lise's research makes her doubt her husband's honesty. Has Clovis been leading a double life?

    Strong language and violenceThis episode is subtitled51 mins
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    Episode 5

    Unimpressed by local efforts to catch the lake killer, the prosecutor appoints a new senior police officer, Diane Varella, to oversee things. Lise wants Clovis to explain himself but he won't respond.

    Strong language, violence and graphic imagesThis episode is subtitled54 mins
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    Episode 6

    Clovis confesses a deeply held secret to Lise, who learns about the dark side of his past. The new chief of the investigation, Diane Varella, follows up leads to find the leak in the police force.

    Sexual scenes and violenceThis episode is subtitled53 mins
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    Episode 7

    As Clovis is questioned by Varella, Lise and her team try to gather evidence to prove he's not guilty. They begin to suspect Lise's psychotherapist, as she's been confiding in him since the start.

    Violent scenesThis episode is subtitled51 mins
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    Episode 8

    Lise, Clovis and their teams learn that Varella has disappeared and suspect she has been abducted by the lake killer. They follow a lead that brings them to a hideout but are they in time to save her?

    Violent scenesThis episode is subtitled61 mins