Kevin Can Wait

    • Episode 1 - Pilot

      When Donna tells Kevin what's going on with the children, Kendra, Sara and Jack, he realises his wife has been protecting him from certain family information while he was out keeping the streets safe

    • Episode 2 - Sleep Disorder

      Kevin reorganises the house after his friends convince him that Donna has everything set up for her own convenience. Kendra recruits her Uncle Kyle to toughen up Chale.

    • Episode 3 - Chore Weasel

      Kevin uses a new online app to hire someone to do his household chores while he goes off to play football with his friends, but then takes all of the credit for doing the work with Donna

    • Episode 4 - Kevin and Donna's Book Club

      After witnessing how much fun Donna has at her book club gathering, Kevin decides that his friends have become boring and thinks his social life needs more excitement

    • Episode 5 - Kevin's Good Story

      When Kevin and Donna go out with Goody and Didi, Kevin finds himself in trouble because he borrowed Goody's heroic cop story to bail himself out for forgetting his wedding anniversary six years before

    • Episode 6 - Beat the Parents

      When a new family move into the area, Kevin and Donna encourage Jack to play with their son. But they are soon trying to sabotage the new friendship after failing to hit it off with the boy's parents.

    • Episode 7 - Hallow-We-Ain't-Home

      Kevin and Donna turn out the lights at home and hide so that they don't have to give out sweets to callers who are trick or treating at Halloween, but they end up getting 'tricked' by their neighbours

    • Episode 8 - Who's Better Than Us?

      Kevin runs into his old police buddy Jimmy, but he's shocked to discover that Jimmy now has a younger, more impressive patrol partner and sets out to show his old colleague what he's missing

    • Episode 9 - The Power of Positive Drinking

      Kevin takes a job as a bartender at the restaurant where Kendra works to earn some extra money, but he goes too far when he starts dispensing unsolicited advice to his customers

    • Episode 10 - The Fantastic Pho

      Kevin convinces his circle of friends to invest in his new food truck venture, but when the chef quits after a disagreement, Kevin worries that he's bitten off more than he can chew

    • Episode 11 - Kevin's Bringing Supper Back

      Kevin's resolve to spend more quality time with his family is put to the ultimate test when his friends surprise him with tickets for a concert by his favourite singer, Billy Joel

    • Episode 12 - I'll Be Home for Christmas... Maybe

      Kevin helps Mott look after his seven children when Mott's wife Cindy is away from home. This leaves Donna struggling to cope with Christmas preparations on her own, until Kyle steps in to assist her.

    • Episode 13 - Ring Worm

      Kevin learns that Chale has taken on a new job to buy Kendra an engagement ring and decides to make good on his overdue promise to upgrade Donna's ring, but his plan backfires

    • Episode 14 - Kevin vs. the Dutch Elm

      Kevin tries to charm his neighbours into giving him permission to cut down a dying tree in their garden because it is throwing shade over his swimming pool, but when they refuse, he hatches a plot

    • Episode 15 - Choke Doubt

      Kevin brags about saving a man from choking on a snack after seeing how much attention his brother Kyle gets for saving a cat from a burning building. Donna wants to plan Chale and Kendra's wedding.

    • Episode 16 - The Back Out

      Kevin and Donna make friends with Peter and Jackie, a chiropractor and his wife, but things go painfully awry when Kevin calls in at Peter's surgery. Kyle tries to persuade Chale to make him best man.

    • Episode 17 - Unholy War

      Kevin learns that his childhood rival Terry is trying to reserve the church for his daughter's marriage on exactly the same date as his own daughter Kendra wants to have her wedding ceremony

    • Episode 18 - Neighborhood Watch

      Kevin concocts an elaborate deception about a vandalised mailbox and an undercover neighbourhood watch operation to avoid spending time with Donna's cousin and her talkative but tedious husband

    • Episode 19 - Showroom Showdown

      Kevin and Chale get jobs working in the warehouse of an electronics store to pay for Kendra's wedding, but when Chale is rapidly promoted to a sales role, Kevin's competitive side is unleashed

    • Episode 20 - Double Date

      When Goody and Didi ask Mott and Cindy to accompany them on a weekend getaway, Kevin and Donna are offended that they weren't invited and go online to find some fun new couples to hang out with

    • Episode 21 - Kenny Can Wait

      When Kevin gets a temporary job as a chauffeur, he strikes up an unlikely friendship with his passenger, music star Harry Connick Jr, but gets caught up in a web of lies while trying to impress him

    • Episode 22 - Quiet Diet

      Donna makes a deal with Kevin that he can go on a lavish sporting holiday if he manages to lower his cholesterol in time for a medical insurance exam, but Kevin struggles to stick to a healthy regime

    • Episode 23 - Sting of Queens Part 1

      Kevin begrudgingly comes out of retirement to revisit an undercover police assignment. Donna is considered for a promotion, Kendra gets accepted into law school, and Chale lands a lucrative new job.

    • Episode 24 - Sting of Queens Part 2

      Kevin and Vanessa attend a Boston art show as they extend their investigation into fraudulent dealers. Chale's dream job isn't what he expected, and Donna mouths off to her boss.