Indian Summers


  • Sirene

    A sexually liberated woman who is no stranger to Simla

  • The Maharajah of Amritpur

    One of the most affluent Stately Princes in India

  • Lord Hawthorne

    London aristocrat hotly tipped for the top job of Viceroy

  • Naresh Banerjee

    Nationalist who thinks the route to freedom is through violence

  • Kaira Das

    Aafrin's fellow freedom-fighter, and lover

  • Charlie Havistock

    Followed his wife, Alice, out to India to join her and their son Percy

  • Ralph Whelan

    At the top of the Indian Civil Service as the Private Secretary

  • Aafrin Dalal

    Works with the Civil Service and financially supports his family

  • Alice Whelan

    The younger sister of Ralph and in search of a better life

  • Cynthia Coffin

    Deemed as a woman of high importance within the Shimla society

  • Ian McLeod

    A Scotsman who experiences a huge culture shock in Simla

  • Dougie Raworth

    Runs a school caring for the abandoned children in Simla

  • Sarah Raworth

    Dougie's wife and is renowned for her frosty manner

  • Leena Prasad

    Assisting Dougie at the school, Leena can relate to the children