How I Met Your Mother

    • Episode 1 - The Locket

      The gang all travel to Long Island for Robin and Barney's wedding, but the happy couple make a startling discovery about their families en route

    • Episode 2 - Coming Back

      Marshall struggles to find a way to get back to New York in time for the wedding and is forced to take to the road in a gas-guzzling car

    • Episode 3 - Last Time in New York

      Lily catches a glimpse of the list of things Ted wants to do in New York before he moves to Chicago and frets that she is the only person who knows about his plans

    • Episode 4 - The Broken Code

      During a poker game night, Barney works through his anger at Ted after finding out that Ted still has feelings for Robin

    • Episode 5 - The Poker Game

      During a pre-wedding game of poker, Robin wins James's ring and refuses to give it back, angering Barney's mother Loretta

    • Episode 6 - Knight Vision

      Ted finds himself with three prospects to be his date for the wedding weekend, but chooses poorly about which one to spend time with

    • Episode 7 - No Questions Asked

      An impatient Daphne texts Lily, revealing the truth about Marshall becoming a judge. Alarmed, Marshall begs Ted to sneak into Lily's room while she's asleep and delete the text.

    • Episode 8 - The Lighthouse

      When Robin and Loretta's conflict sharply escalates, Barney finds himself caught in the middle. Marshall and Daphne deal with a stowaway, while Ted and Cassie try to enjoy a trip to a lighthouse.

    • Episode 9 - Platonish

      Robin is upset to discover at the last moment that her mother can't come to the wedding after all

    • Episode 10 - Mom and Dad

      Seeing his mother and father together for the first time in years, Barney becomes convinced that he can get them back together

    • Episode 11 - Bedtime Stories

      Marshall and baby Marvin's long journey to Farhampton for the wedding continues by bus. In order to get Marvin off to sleep, Marshall creates rhyming bedtime stories based on the gang's exploits.

    • Episode 12 - The Rehearsal Dinner

      Barney becomes convinced that Robin is planning to throw him a special wedding rehearsal dinner at the laser tag arena, which infuriates both her and the gang

    • Episode 13 - Bass Player Wanted

      The friends encounter a guest at the hotel who intentionally stirs up trouble between Lily and Robin, and then between Ted and Barney

    • Episode 14 - Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra

      Marshall tells the gang the story of how he went on a quest to learn the three mighty virtues of speed, strength and accuracy in order to master the Slap of a Million Exploding Suns

    • Episode 15 - Unpause

      Marshall and Lily's big fight about Marshall accepting a judgeship without telling Lily has been looming. The couple decide to put it on hold in order to enjoy their reunion.

    • Episode 16 - How Your Mother Met Me

      A series of flashbacks finally reveal how Ted first met his future wife, including a history of missed connections when he meets her roommate Cindy

    • Episode 17 - Sunrise

      On the eve of the wedding, a tipsy Barney wanders out of the hotel, bumps into two hapless young men and takes them under his wing

    • Episode 18 - Rally

      Barney can't get out of bed on the morning of his wedding because he is suffering from the world's worst hangover

    • Episode 19 - Vesuvius

      It's the morning of the wedding and Ted attempts to help a stressed-out Barney decide which suit to wear. Lily thinks that Robin isn't treating her big day with the significance it deserves.

    • Episode 20 - Daisy

      Marshall asks Ted and Barney to help him work out where Lily went when she stormed out of the hotel on the night of their big argument, but he is shocked when he finds out the truth

    • Episode 21 - Gary Blauman

      When an old friend of the gang, Gary Blauman, shows up at the hotel for Robin and Barney's wedding unexpectedly, the seating plan is thrown into total disarray

    • Episode 22 - The End of the Aisle

      With only 30 minutes before the wedding, both Robin and Barney are having panic attacks...

    • Episode 23 - Last Forever Part 1

      With Barney and Robin's wedding day behind them, Ted says his goodbyes to the gang and prepares to leave for his new life in Chicago

    • Episode 24 - Last Forever Part 2

      Changes of circumstance cause the gang to see less of each other over the years, but they manage to reunite one more time for Ted's wedding