How I Met Your Mother

    • Episode 1 - Big Days

      Ted and Barney argue about who has 'dibs' on asking out a beautiful woman. Meanwhile, Robin is heartbroken over Don, and Marshall can't keep quiet about his desire to start a family.

    • Episode 2 - Cleaning House

      Barney convinces the gang to help his mum move house. They soon learn that she is very protective of Barney and told him white lies throughout his childhood.

    • Episode 3 - Unfinished

      When Ted declines Barney's offer to design the new GNB building, Barney tries to woo him by using his best womanising tactics. Robin rings Don in an attempt to win him back.

    • Episode 4 - Subway Wars

      The gang race each other using different methods of transport to get to a restaurant where Woody Allen has been spotted. Who will arrive first?

    • Episode 5 - Architect of Destruction

      Ted is in a quandary after meeting activist Zoey who wants to save a landmark building due be torn down and replaced by the new GNB building. A building that, unbeknownst to Zoey, Ted is designing.

    • Episode 6 - Baby Talk

      Lily and Marshall have an argument about baby names, which prompts Ted to explore his own fears about fatherhood. Robin takes a dislike to her colleague.

    • Episode 7 - Canning Randy

      Marshall is guilt-ridden after firing his incompetent assistant. Zoey enrolls in Ted's class and manipulates his students into taking her side over the Arcadian building.

    • Episode 8 - Natural History

      When the gang attends a black-tie fundraiser at the Natural History Museum, Ted runs into Zoey, and sees a whole different side to her

    • Episode 9 - Glitter

      Lily can't stop talking about babies and it's putting a strain on her friendship with Robin, so she tracks down Robin's former best friend to get advice

    • Episode 10 - Blitzgiving

      A broken oven forces the gang to spend Thanksgiving at Zoey's house, but it isn't long before she and Ted are at loggerheads once again.

    • Episode 11 - The Mermaid Theory

      When Ted's friendship with Zoey begins to make her husband feel jealous, Lily suggests that Ted should attempt to befriend him

    • Episode 12 - False Positive

      Marshall and Lily have a positive result on a pregnancy test; Robin chooses between two very different jobs; and Barney is in a pickle over a diamond suit.

    • Episode 13 - Bad News

      Marshall and Lily worry that Lily will never fall pregnant. To allay their fears, the couple visit a specialist who bears an uncanny resemblance to Barney.

    • Episode 14 - Last Words

      It's the day of Marshall's father's funeral. Marshall is upset when he remembers that the last piece of advice his dad gave to him was to watch Crocodile Dundee III.

    • Episode 15 - Oh, Honey

      Zoey sets Ted up on a date with her naive cousin. Ted realises that he loves Zoey but tries to push her away so that he doesn't cause trouble in her relationship.

    • Episode 16 - Desperation Day

      Barney declares 13 February to be Desperation Day - a holiday for women with low self-esteem because they are destined to be alone on Valentine's Day

    • Episode 17 - Garbage Island

      After Marshall sees a documentary about an island in the Pacific that is used for landfill, he becomes determined to save the environment

    • Episode 18 - A Change of Heart

      The friends have health checks in wake of Marshall's dad's fatal heart attack. Barney denies that he has feelings for Nora, and Robin dates a man called Scooby who reminds the gang of a dog.

    • Episode 19 - Legendaddy

      Barney's dad Jerome shows up. Barney is disappointed that his father is more ordinary than he expected and refuses to have any more to do with him.

    • Episode 20 - The Exploding Meatball Sub

      Marshall's decision to quit his job at the bank and take a volunteer position at an environmental organisation affects the whole gang

    • Episode 21 - Hopeless

      Barney is determined to show his dad that it was a mistake to have given up his former life of wild partying, drinking and sleeping around.

    • Episode 22 - The Perfect Cocktail

      Marshall and Barney fall out over the destruction of the Arcadian Hotel so Robin and Lily create a super cocktail that will force them to make up

    • Episode 23 - Landmarks

      The Landmark Preservation Council is meeting to decide the fate of the Arcadian and Ted has been called in as a witness during the proceedings.

    • Episode 24 - Challenge Accepted

      Robin and Barney bond as they try to prevent Ted from getting back together with Zoey. Marshall and Lily get food poisoning.