How I Met Your Mother

    • Episode 1 - Definitions

      Robin and Barney are puzzled about how they should define their new, non-platonic relationship. Ted's first day as a lecturer doesn't go to plan.

    • Episode 2 - Double Date

      Ted goes on a date with Jen. They realise that they dated seven years ago but carry on with the date in order to determine what went wrong the first time.

    • Episode 3 - Robin 101

      Robin and Barney make their relationship official but Barney is finding it hard to adjust from being a bachelor to being part of a couple.

    • Episode 4 - The Sexless Innkeeper

      Marshall and Lily's eagerness to spend time with other couples strains their friendship with Robin and Barney, while Ted gets a new nickname

    • Episode 5 - Dual Citizenship

      Marshall and Ted take a road trip for a nostalgic bachelor's adventure. Unfortunately for Ted, Marshall has invited Lily along. Robin faces deportation.

    • Episode 6 - Bagpipes

      Barney mistakenly thinks that Marshall and Lily are heading for divorce and offers his help. Ted unearths some home truths for Robin and Barney.

    • Episode 7 - The Rough Patch

      Ted, Lily and Marshall try to break Barney and Robin up when they fall into a relationship rut and become unlike their former selves.

    • Episode 8 - The Playbook

      Barney reverts back to his bachelor ways when he and Robin break up and is soon on the prowl for new women to date. Lily objects to his behaviour and tries to teach him a lesson.

    • Episode 9 - Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap

      When Lily's dad shows up unannounced at Thanksgiving, she reveals the real reason she stopped speaking to him. Can they kiss and make up?

    • Episode 10 - The Window

      Ted's friends try to help him woo the perfect woman from his college days, but Barney and Robin spoil his big chance. Will he still get his girl?

    • Episode 11 - Last Cigarette Ever

      Robin is excited to be working with a legendary news anchor but is soon irked to learn he isn't nearly as professional as she originally thought

    • Episode 12 - Girls vs Suits

      Ted meets PhD student Cindy - Rachel Bilson - who is tired of men falling in love with her roommate. Will Ted fall for her instead?

    • Episode 13 - Jenkins

      Marshall tells Ted some anecdotes about his colleague Jenkins. Later on, Ted is surprised to discover that Jenkins is a woman.

    • Episode 14 - The Perfect Week

      Barney reaches a milestone, Lily and Marshall realise they've been using the same toothbrush, Robin has an anxious wait and Ted insults a student.

    • Episode 15 - Rabbit or Duck

      Barney holds his phone number up during the Super Bowl broadcast and is inundated with phone calls from women. Lily and Marshall set Ted up on a blind date.

    • Episode 16 - Hooked

      Ted is humiliated when he sees a woman he's dating on another date on the night they'd planned to meet up. Marshall is charmed by a man who is smitten with Lily.

    • Episode 17 - Of Course

      Robin sets up Barney on a date with self-help author Anita - Jennifer Lopez. Barney asks Ted's advice on dating, but his tips end up offending Robin.

    • Episode 18 - Say Cheese

      Lily is annoyed with Ted for inviting his new girlfriend, Amanda, to her birthday dinner. It's not the first time he's come with a stranger... and she shows him her photo albums to prove it.

    • Episode 19 - Zoo or False

      Marshall gets mugged at gun point. Lily applies for a gun licence hoping it will make them both feel safer, but Marshall objects and makes up a tall story to calm her down.

    • Episode 20 - Home Wreckers

      Ted is upset when his mum marries her long-term partner and walks out of the wedding, refusing to give a speech. Later, he buys a house on a whim.

    • Episode 21 - Twin Beds

      After Don asks Robin to move in with him, she decides it's time for Ted and Barney to meet him. They both react badly when they realise Robin has moved on.

    • Episode 22 - Robots Versus Wrestlers

      Lily and Marshall discuss having children, Ted mixes with a new social crowd and Barney worries that the gang is drifting apart

    • Episode 23 - The Wedding Bride

      Ted takes a date to see new hit film The Wedding Bride. After recognising that its plot is eerily similar to his relationship with Stella, he discovers that her fiancé Tony wrote the screenplay.

    • Episode 24 - Doppelgängers

      Marshall and Lily make a secret pact to start trying to have a baby if they see Barney's double. Robin is offered a dream job but it comes at a price.