How I Met Your Mother

    • Episode 1 - Where Were We?

      Ted's romantic luck is bolstered by his new relationship with Robin, who has yet to reveal her love of guns. However, Marshall is feeling down after his split from Lily.

    • Episode 2 - The Scorpion and the Toad

      Marshall has a string of ill-fated nights out with Barney in a bid to meet new women. He eventually goes on a date but bumps into Lily.

    • Episode 3 - Brunch

      Ted and the gang have brunch with his parents. Robin worries that Ted's mum doesn't like her but realises that isn't the case when she reveals a huge secret.

    • Episode 4 - Ted Mosby: Architect

      Ted and Robin have their first big argument after Robin becomes annoyed at hearing Ted's work grumbles. Ted's pals try to prove that he's not dull.

    • Episode 5 - World's Greatest Couple

      Lily moves into Barney's flat to escape her rat-infested apartment. The two fall asleep in each other's arms but feel awkward when they wake up.

    • Episode 6 - Aldrin Justice

      Barney seduces Marshall's professor in the hope that she'll give the class higher marks but she ends up grading Barney's performance in the bedroom.

    • Episode 7 - Swarley

      Marshall goes on a date with waitress Chloe who accidentally calls Barney 'Swarley'. Lily stalks Marshall and Chloe but is found out. Will he take her back?

    • Episode 8 - Atlantic City

      Lily and Marshall are ecstatic to be reunited and plan to elope to Atlantic City to escape the disapproval of their families.

    • Episode 9 - Slap Bet

      Marshall, Ted and Barney are bamboozled by Robin's flat refusal to go to the mall, but they're willing to bet on why she hates it so much.

    • Episode 10 - Single Stamina

      His closest friends and his brother James have all settled into relationships, and Barney is struggling to come to terms with this.

    • Episode 11 - How Lily Stole Christmas

      Lily hears an old message on Marshall's answering machine, leading to her falling out with Ted.

    • Episode 12 - First Time in New York

      Robin's teenage sister Katie comes to stay. Robin discourages Katie from losing her virginity, which prompts the gang to recall their own experiences of the momentous occasion.

    • Episode 13 - Columns

      Ted struggles to fire his belittling former boss Hammond, who is now working for him. After Ted tries - and fails - to fire him three times, Hammond has a heart attack.

    • Episode 14 - Monday Night Football

      The gang plan to watch the Super Bowl together but are invited to a funeral on the same night. They come up with a creative solution to ensure they can keep both arrangements.

    • Episode 15 - Lucky Penny

      Ted is gutted when he misses a flight to Chicago for an interview at a prestigious architecture company. Annoyed, he tries to work out which of his friends is to blame for his lateness.

    • Episode 16 - Stuff

      Lily is upset when Barney slates her performance in a terrible play. Ted and Robin fall out when they discuss what to do with 'stuff' left at their homes belonging to ex-boyfriends and girlfriends.

    • Episode 17 - Arrivederci, Fiero

      Marshall, Ted, Lily and Robin are upset when they learn that Marshall's trusty car is broken. The four of them reminisce about their adventures in it.

    • Episode 18 - Moving Day

      Barney steals Ted's removals van with his belongings in it when he discovers that he's moving in with Robin. He makes Ted complete challenges to get it back.

    • Episode 19 - Bachelor Party

      Marshall is fuming when Barney ruins the sedate stag do that Ted had organised by getting a stripper, and he considers asking him to stay away from the wedding

    • Episode 20 - Showdown

      Lily and Marshall live apart for the fortnight before their wedding. Barney is ecstatic to appear as a contestant on The Price is Right.

    • Episode 21 - Something Borrowed

      When Marshall and Lily's plans for their dream wedding go awry, their friends save the day and give them the low-key ceremony they've been longing for.

    • Episode 22 - Something Blue

      At Marshall and Lily's wedding, Barney overhears Ted and Robin discussing a secret. He wheedles it out of them and discovers, to his dismay, that they have split up.