• Episode 1 - Pilot

      When CIA agent Carrie Mathison's unorthodox investigation in Iraq leads to a serious diplomatic incident, she's assigned to a desk job. Then she hears that an American PoW in Iraq has been 'turned'.

    • Episode 2 - Grace

      Carrie watches surveillance footage of life in Brody's home as he struggles with post-traumatic stress. Then an undercover CIA agent passes on a new piece of evidence to her.

    • Episode 3 - Clean Skin

      The CIA is buzzing with excitement about the information gleaned from Carrie's asset Lynne, who is the girlfriend of Prince Farid of Saudi Arabia. But Lynne is nervous and tells Carrie she wants out.

    • Episode 4 - Semper I

      Brody has more hallucinations, some of them of Abu Nazir. Carrie sees his reactions on the surveillance cameras but doesn't know what's causing them. And Brody's asked to make more public appearances.

    • Episode 5 - Blind Spot

      Afzal Hamid, the lone surviving terrorist from the compound in Afghanistan from where Brody was rescued, has been captured. Estes wants Brody to help interrogate him.

    • Episode 6 - The Good Soldier

      The CIA director berates Saul and Estes over Hamid's suicide and the fact that he had a razor blade. Carrie pushes for everyone who was in contact with him, including Brody, to have a polygraph test.

    • Episode 7 - The Weekend

      Having escaped the motel shooting where Faisel was killed, Aileen continues her escape by buying a bus ticket to Mexico. The CIA now know that she was the lead and Faisel was just her accomplice.

    • Episode 8 - Achilles Heel

      Carrie and Saul scramble to find Walker after discovering that he's alive and working with al-Qaeda. Brody chases down a mystery man who reveals a shocking truth behind his eight years in captivity.

    • Episode 9 - Crossfire

      After trying to sever ties with Abu Nazir, Brody relives his time in captivity and, painfully reminded of a tragic loss, recommits to his mission. Meanwhile, the frantic search for Walker continues.

    • Episode 10 - Representative Brody

      Carrie and Saul have identified Tom Walker's contact in Washington DC, only to discover that he has diplomatic immunity. They risk triggering an international incident.

    • Episode 11 - The Vest

      Carrie is hospitalised in the wake of the explosion that killed Al Zahrani in Washington. When Saul comes to retrieve her, she's postulating a-mile-a-minute about Abu Nazir.

    • Episode 12 - Marine One

      Carrie's near catatonic and confined to bed while events swirl around her. Brody prepares for the Vice President's policy summit and Saul investigates the unsettling implications of Carrie's timeline.