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Starting Over

When Rosie was given the all-clear from cancer, she moved her family into a new house, shutting the door on those difficult days and starting life over with a fresh outlook

The Sadlers' home washed away in the 2014 floods, and they want to replicate it exactly.

5 mins

After the Flood

Using mud, straw, hay and clay, Charlotte and Kate made a cottage a two storey home

5 mins

House of Mud

Amanda and her husband Steve jumped at the chance to convert the barn she used to play in

4 mins

Living in My Playhouse

How does it feel for couple Monika and John to be leaving their Gaudi-inspired home?

5 mins

Gaudi in Berkshire

Olivia and Rob couldn't afford a house deposit, so they bought a narrowboat instead

5 mins

Riverside Dream

Mick Waite has built his own 1940s pub on the ground floor of his suburban semi

4 mins

The Pub under the Stairs

Diane is selling the house where four generations of her family have lived

4 mins

3D Family Tree

Wanting more fulfillment, Jane created a 'co-housing' set-up in Dorset

4 mins

One for All

How can you be house-proud when you've got triplets?

5 mins

The Trouble with Triplets

Emma searched high and low for a family home, before buying the home she grew up in

5 mins

I Bought My Childhood Home

Everything happened in Karen's home. How do you say goodbye to three decades of memories?

6 mins

Moving On Up

As a child, Deborah dreamed of the Welsh hills. Now she's moved there.

5 mins


The BoKlok Flatpack flats in Newcastle were first of their kind in the UK

3 mins

Flatpack Flat

Richard Fitzherbert inherited Tissington Hall from a long-lost rich relative

5 mins

The Surprise Inheritance

Matthew and Philippa are happily married and live 108 miles apart

4 mins

108 Miles of Love

Rachel Roberts bought her house for less than the cost of a cappuccino

4 mins

One Pound House

How do you live in central London and pay minimal rent? Property Guardian pals tell how.

5 mins

Living the Dream

Can a bunch of young artists lift the spirits of a rundown part of East London?

5 mins

Art and Soul

Self-confessed gadget geek Graeme has created a home he controls with an app on his phone

4 mins

The Wired

Desperate for an affordable home, Jennifer Hope designed her own modular house

5 mins

House of Hope