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A series of short films exploring what Home means to us in all its unique and unusual forms


Short films exploring what Home means to us in all its unique and unusual forms.

The Sadlers' home washed away in the 2014 floods, and they want to replicate it exactly.

5 mins

After the Flood

Using mud, straw, hay and clay, Charlotte and Kate made a cottage a two storey home

5 mins

House of Mud

Amanda and her husband Steve jumped at the chance to convert the barn she used to play in

4 mins

Living in My Playhouse

How does it feel for couple Monika and John to be leaving their Gaudi-inspired home?

5 mins

Gaudi in Berkshire

Olivia and Rob couldn't afford a house deposit, so they bought a narrowboat instead

5 mins

Riverside Dream

Mick Waite has built his own 1940s pub on the ground floor of his suburban semi

4 mins

The Pub under the Stairs

Diane is selling the house where four generations of her family have lived

4 mins

3D Family Tree

Wanting more fulfillment, Jane created a 'co-housing' set-up in Dorset

4 mins

One for All

How can you be house-proud when you've got triplets?

5 mins

The Trouble with Triplets

Emma searched high and low for a family home, before buying the home she grew up in

5 mins

I Bought My Childhood Home

Everything happened in Karen's home. How do you say goodbye to three decades of memories?

6 mins

Moving On Up

As a child, Deborah dreamed of the Welsh hills. Now she's moved there.

5 mins


The BoKlok Flatpack flats in Newcastle were first of their kind in the UK

3 mins

Flatpack Flat

Richard Fitzherbert inherited Tissington Hall from a long-lost rich relative

5 mins

The Surprise Inheritance

Matthew and Philippa are happily married and live 108 miles apart

4 mins

108 Miles of Love

Rachel Roberts bought her house for less than the cost of a cappuccino

4 mins

One Pound House

How do you live in central London and pay minimal rent? Property Guardian pals tell how.

5 mins

Living the Dream

Can a bunch of young artists lift the spirits of a rundown part of East London?

5 mins

Art and Soul

Self-confessed gadget geek Graeme has created a home he controls with an app on his phone

4 mins

The Wired

Desperate for an affordable home, Jennifer Hope designed her own modular house

5 mins

House of Hope