Ladies, hold onto your hats... 'cos here comes David 'Ziggy' Roscoe! Charming, confident and a touch too vain, the middle sibling of the Roscoe boys isn't worried about causing a stir in the village.

For Ziggy, his appearance is high on his list of priorities. Despite working in a garage, we challenge you to find a spec of dirt or motor oil under those perfectly manicured nails of his. In fact, there are few things Ziggy cares about more than keeping himself looking groomed and fresh - and those things are his family, food and, err, females. Obvs.

Known for falling in and out of love faster than Dodger can disrobe, Ziggy can often be found nursing a broken heart... and then mending it by chasing after a new girl.

A ladies' man he may be, but that doesn't make him any less the lovely guy that he is. As the women of Hollyoaks have discovered, it's tough not to have a soft spot for him.