As one of Hollyoaks’ most infamous villains, anyone who’s anyone in Chester has heard of Warren Fox. During his previous stretch in the village, some of his baddest bad-boy moments included setting fire to The Loft… and himself, returning from the dead, setting fire to Il Gnosh (someone take his matches away!) and murdering the love of his life Louise Summers, which he eventually got sent down for, all thanks to Brendan Brady and Mitzeee Minniver.

Just because Warren’s returned to Hollyoaks in search of a clean slate, don’t think he’s put his wicked ways behind him. He’s still a bad man who’s at his most destructive when he has something to lose and people to love.

Talking of love, if you look past the tough-guy exterior, you’ll see that Warren’s heart is his Achilles’ heel. He’s driven by passion, but his relationships have a tendency to turn toxic and he causes chaos for those closest to him. Safe to say, he’s broken as many hearts in Hollyoaks as he has destroyed lives (that’s quite a few, btw)!

Is it time for Warren Fox to finally meet his match?