Where do we start with 'The Hutch'? Hollyoaks' longest serving character (he's been in it since the very first episode!), Tony has had what you would call "a colourful life". He's had his fingers in the pies of many thriving businesses and, with his pals, has often stirred things up in the village.

Tony is also quite the Romeo: he's had marriages, flings, affairs and a handful of embarrassing moments in the love department. He's even bedded THREE McQueens (Mercy, Theresa and Jacqui) in true 'gonna-be-awkward-the-next-time-you-meet-in-Price-Slice' fashion.

But he's been through some tough times too, none more difficult than his battle with testicular cancer.

Tony's honest and loyal for the most part (when he's not sleeping with his wife’s daughter), and is loved by all.

About Nick: Nick joined Hollyoaks' all the way back in 1995!