Beautiful Texas was our very own English rose... but it was husband, Will, who turned out to be the thorn in her side, when he pushed her to her death on their wedding day. His reason? He was jealous of her relationship with his brother, Dodger.

And the thing is, for Texas, it was always about Dodger.

The pair were the village’s star-crossed lovers; a tragic love story doomed from the beginning.

Dodger and Texas' relationship had more ups and downs than the biggest rollercoaster in town (y’know, if Hollyoaks had a rollercoaster… we can only dream), but no matter what life threw at them, or how many times they broke up/made up, it was clear to everyone that their feelings ran deep.

It should have been a Happily Ever After for the pair, but jealous, evil, creepy Will robbed them of it, and in doing so, robbed Hollyoaks of a true beauty. RIP Tex.