Oh Ste, how we love thee. One of the village’s most well-known faces, Ste started life in the ‘Oaks as a teenage tearaway, caught up in a world of sex, drugs and joyriding. His life was soon turned upside down, however, when he fathered a son to childhood sweetheart, Amy.

After coming to terms with his sexuality, Ste blossomed into a devoted, reliable father to Leah and Lucas and, since then, has had some epic romances with the residents of the village, including the lovely Doug and, of course, the mighty Brendan Brady. It was a job at Chez Chez which brought Ste into the flightpath of the latter and the twisted love/hate/love/hate/love relationship known as 'Stendan' was born.

However, it wasn't destined to last; in 2014, after the most turbulent engagement ever, Ste finally married his soul mate John Paul McQueen in a wonderfully festive Christmas day wedding (tears all round, obvs).

With drama waiting for him around every corner, who knows what tomorrow will bring for Ste?

About Kieron: Kieron's a bit of a HO veteran these days, having been in the show since 2006 (when he was but a wee teenager).