Trouble-maker alert! Scott Drinkwell is on the loose in Hollyoaks village.

More blunt than a, err, really blunt thing, Scott causes a commotion wherever he goes. He’s the outrageous, flirtatious, always inappropriate cousin of Sinead; and this terrible twosome love to cause mischief.

This out and proud Geordie drama queen lives to shock people with his off-the-cuff one liners and sassy nature, but underneath that seriously tanned exterior is a vulnerable boy desperate for love. He is fiercely loyal to his bezzie cuz, has a wardrobe that Gaga would be proud of, oh, and Britney Spears, he loves Britney Spears – try and diss her around Scott and see what happens! It could turn Toxic…

Yep, our Scott is desperate to make his mark, and won’t let anyone get in his way: divas of Hollyoaks be warned – you may have met your match with this one!