Neeta is daft as a brush. She’s also warm, generous, bubbly and wears her heart on her sleeve.

But don’t mistake this beauty for a pushover, Neeta, the darling girlfriend of Mac Nightingale, will soon step in and sort disorderly punters out – exactly the type of person required to run The Dog In The Pond, then.

Born in Brighton, Neeta comes from a traditional Sikh family who moved to the UK from India to settle down.

School was a struggle for Neeta and further education proved a sticking point. But when she took a job as a barmaid to pay her tuition fees, she soon found her calling…not to mention the love of her life.

There may be quite an age gap between herself and Mac, but she’s completely unfazed by it. Ellie, her stepdaughter two years her junior, sees things differently, however. Let sparks fly!