They say good things come in small packages and that's definitely the case when it comes to Nancy: the feistiest fun-size female in all of Hollyoaks! Arriving as a rebellious teenager, Nancy has since matured into a devoted mother to Baby Oscar.

But she hasn't had an easy ride. Her sister, Becca, died in prison, leaving Nancy with custody of her son, Charlie, and she was the victim of serious domestic abuse when she married Jake. She was even involved in a disastrous ménage-a-trois. Phew! And that's before we get onto her marriage to Darren...

But despite having a habit of getting involved with the wrong people, Nancy knows how to handle herself: if you mess with her, you'd better prepare to meet the consequences.

About Jessica: Jess played Enid Nightshade in The Worst Witch and was also the voice of the Ghost of Christmas Past in A Muppet's Christmas Carol. WE KNOW.