Head of the McQueen clan, this woman’s life is one big Jeremy Kyle special.

Myra’s cheeky, sassy and partial to a killer one-liner. She’s never two steps away from a good scam and has been known to dabble in blackmail, fraud and, you know, murder cover-ups.

She rose from the dead after faking her own death to flee Dr. Browning. Technically she did go to heaven... if your heaven is the same as hers – a beach in Alicante, fruity cocktail in hand and surrounded by hunky Spanish men.

Deep down she’s a softie at heart. Family is Myra McQueen’s biggest priority. She may not be in the running for Mother of the Year anytime soon (we’re pretty sure sleeping with her daughter’s boyfriend ruled her out of that one), but she definitely deserves some kind of medal for sticking by her lot after all they’ve put her through.

Long live Myra McQueen!