Warning: do not leave your man lying around when Mandy Richardson is in the vicinity (this scarlet woman enjoyed an illicit affair with bad boy Warren Fox, don't ya know?)!

Mandy's not just about the illicit stuff though. She got hitched to Tony 'The Hutch' Hutchinson way back when and they both left Hollyoaks to enjoy a new life together in the aftermath of Warren and Louise's 'shot-gun' wedding (shot-gun in so much that there were actual guns drawn), but Tony returned soon afterwards without her, claiming it hadn't worked out.

Tony's obviously never heard that old mantra about a woman scorned, 'cos when Mandy returned to the village, she was hell-bent on ruining her ex-hubbie's business. That almost led her to burn down Il Gnosh, but in the end, Tony's brother Dom got there first.

Nowadays, Mandy has returned to Hollyoaks with teenage-sweetheart, Luke Morgan but the couple have fallen upon tough times, meaning Mandy might have to resort to drastic measures to sort their life out...