The youngest of the Donovan clan, Jesse is a hopeless romantic who bounces out of bed every morning and falls in love quicker than you can say, “smitten kitten”!

He’s a sunny soul who would invite a stranger for a pint, especially if that stranger wanted to fill him in on all the juicy village gossip. But don’t give too much away… Jesse is terrible at keeping his mouth shut, and his brothers are constantly bailing him out of awkward situations.

Living by the mantra “anything is possible”, Jesse believes everything he hears, so if Liam sends him out for black light bulbs or tartan paint, he’ll scour the shops for hours before realising it’s a wind-up.

Underneath this happy chappy routine, Jesse’s survived the kind of complex family life you only get if your mum was once married to Fraser Black… but you’d never know from that carefree, cheeky smile!