Intelligent, sensitive and firmly rooted, Jason Roscoe is possibly the most pleasant of the Roscoe clan. He's the quiet one in a house of hectic noise.

Don't mistake him for a wimp though: Jason won't let his brothers - or anyone - push him around, and has a quieter, less showy strength.

Jason's effortless intelligence and capability at, well, pretty much everything, makes his family proud. He finds the high hopes somewhat stifling though, and his passion lies far from an academic career.

Of course, being twinned with Robbie Roscoe has its disadvantages, and Jason finds himself endlessly covering for his brother's reckless mistakes. He’s also found it hard measuring up to the buffed up looks of his brothers which has led to a battle with steroid abuse and body dysmorphia.

Jason is conflicted: brilliant, happy, insecure and troubled all at once.