Look out, there’s a dastardly, delicious villain strutting the streets of Hollyoaks and he’s the scoundrel we’ll all love to hate.

James is the oldest of the Nightingale brood, but unlike his siblings his devilish charm and dedicated pursuit of power mean he is much more likely to sue a family-owned pub than run one.

Oozing with confidence he owns any room he swaggers into, and creates chaos wherever he treads. He is the polar opposite to down-to-earth daddy Mac, so he sided with his ambitious, well-to-do mother, Marnie after the messy divorce.

But there’s a beating heart inside somewhere, that just wants to kick back in front of Jeremy Kyle with a Pot Noodle! But just when you think that James is only looking out for number one, he’ll do something that just might surprise you…