Jade is the original Little Miss Sunshine; she’s the living definition of a “glass half full”.

Running on a (dolly) mixture of sugary enthusiasm and positivity, to call this teen an excitable chatterbox would be an understatement – she doesn’t know when to shut up at times – but it’s hard not to like her, and others are often drawn to her cheery, optimistic personality.

Jade’s life has been a bit of an adventure to date, but she always sees the best in everything and everyone. She can’t stand to see someone cry, so sappy Rom-Coms and tear-jerking chick flicks aren’t her thing, but superhero movies full of action are totally her jam.

Jade is a kind-hearted girl who you’d love to have as your new BFF…just don’t take her on at any video games – she will thrash you, like, 99.9% of the time. But at least she’ll do it with the friendliest of grins on her face.