Streetwise, rebellious and full of sarcastic one liners, Harley's as feisty as they come. She may be a tough-talker with more walls than Fort Knox, but deep down there's a scared little girl desperate to be loved (just don't tell anyone!).

It's been a hard knock life so far for Harley. Cast out from a broken home by a neglectful mum, Harley's faced a heart-breaking life sleeping on the streets - but somehow, she's always found a way to survive. Her golden rule? Never let them see you cry.

Harley's spent a lifetime being a chameleon and adapting to the worst of circumstances, but the one thing she won't compromise on is her identity. However, will a sweet, chalk-and-cheese friendship with Peri and a happy home with the Lomaxes finally be enough to break Harley's golden rule?