If you're looking for an honest, loyal friend, look no further than Esther Bloom.

She first arrived in style (by breaking into the Osbornes' house and subsequently being knocked out by an unaware Tom, no less), and, since then, it's her talent and aptitude for fashion designing that has given her confidence. She's confident, but not cocky. Stylish, but not obsessed.

In the few years that she's been a Hollyoaks resident, Esther has been through it all. In fact, with the amount of things that have gone wrong for her, we're confident that the theory of karma has been disproved. Although she had always been at the end of Ruby's sharp-tongued jibes, when she attended sixth form she was relentlessly bullied for months, which culminated in a suicide attempt in January 2012.

Esther had the strength to overcome this, and is now a strong person, who others look up to and admire. This girl knows who she is.