A big, cuddly Mama Bear in human form; this Supermum of three has a big heart and an even bigger clumsiness record! Rocking up to work in odd socks whilst tripping over her own feet, Misbah would lose her head if it wasn’t glued on, which makes it very hard to believe that she’s actually a Doctor! (The number of stethoscopes she gets through is unreal!)

But don’t be fooled – when it comes to her job, Misbah’s always on the ball. She works tirelessly day-in, day-out running the A&E department and putting patients at ease with her cuddly bedside manner. So if there’s a red stain on her top, don't worry – it’s most likely ketchup!

After a long day saving lives, Misbah looks forward to a little chill time in front of the telly. But the chances of putting her feet up are very slim, especially when she has bickering daughters, Farrah and Yasmine to deal with. This bumbling Wonder Woman loves to work hard, and there’s certainly no stopping her… But why would you want to? Respect to Careless Misbah.