A defensive, yet vulnerable, tigress: this is Dr Farrah Maalik.

Tread carefully – because Farrah will eat you alive if you mess with her! This out-and-proud Amazonian wears her sexuality on her tattooed sleeves, along with her macho dress-sense and rock-chick style; but nothing is quite as loud as her roaring personality.

This high-achieving clinical psychologist can read people like a book, and is able to drive away any offense with that cheeky twinkle in her eye. But underneath this bold, funny, intelligent woman is a vulnerability that she’s desperate to hide…

Farrah arrives in Hollyoaks with a screech and a bang; her wise demeanour makes people flock to her for advice. Full of confidence and anticipation, Farrah can’t wait to sink her teeth into her new job and into any potensh new women!