Diane is much like a professional racing horse in one crucial aspect – she never gets an easy ride. In every other sense, she is, of course, absolutely different…

The task of steering her non-biological daughter Sinead down the twisted path of young adulthood has left Diane, quite frankly, worn out. Along the way, Sinead has brought a lot of trouble to Diane’s door, including teenage pregnancy, bullying scandals and good-for-nothing runaway rogues on motorbikes.

Even when it made her unpopular, Diane has always stood by Sinead, as well as Sinead’s brother Finn. Between the two of them you’d think she’d have been put off having kids altogether but having given birth to twins to Tony Hutchinson, let’s just hope they give her an easier time!

About Alex Fletcher: Alex is best known for playing Jacqui Farnham in the soap Brookside.