Cute, charming and charismatic, Darren's an enthusiastic schemer whose luck has seen better days. In the past, his argumentative and selfish nature has put him at odds with his family, but, over time, Darren's proved himself to be a truly supportive and compassionate person.

Yep, our Daz has shown himself capable of ditching his once customary string vests and bling.

Now a father to three kids, including his and Nancy's first born, little Baby Oscar, he's always on hand to give advice to the various youngsters that Jack and Frankie take under their wing.

But with a cheeky streak and a tendency to act before he thinks, Darren is likely to keep making mistakes. Will anyone manage to keep him on the straight and narrow?

About Ashley: Ashley joined Hollyoaks in 1999 as Darren. He is also known for his music career with the band allSTARS* and his time in musicals including Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat.