Beautiful and bubbly, Darcy may seem like butter wouldn’t melt, but don’t be fooled; this girl is cunning, dangerous and there’s no lie she wouldn’t tell to get what she wants; deception comes second nature to Darcy.

Deep down, there’s a scared, vulnerable side to Darcy and every lie she tells – no matter how crazy – comes from a desperate desire to be wanted. Her biggest fear is being ordinary and living a dull suburban life. A night on the town is a lot more appealing than settling down, which is why her and ex-fiancée Adam drifted apart (quite literally when she was pushed off a boat!).

Lies may be one thing but Darcy’s at her most dangerous when she’s jealous. No one, not even a pretty little sweetheart like Maxine, stands between her and what she wants, and she’ll stop at nothing to get it.