Just like her namesake, Cleopatra “Cleo” McQueen is leader of the outcasts and celebrates the qualities that make her different from all the other kids at school. She’s a child genius and has an IQ higher than the rest of the McQueen girls combined!

We all know the McQueens are tight, but no more so than Cleo and her sisters. Porsche and Celine will do anything to give their sister the best life possible, and they put all their money into sending Cleo to boarding school to give her the education she deserved.

Now Cleo’s in Hollyoaks, she’s slowly adjusting to life in a house full of alpha females. Cleo has no time for the dramas of a broken nail or fighting over the bathroom mirror, you’ll find her hiding away engrossed in a good book. FINALLY, a drama-free McQueen!