Welcome Hollyoaks’ resident spiritual guru, Celine McQueen!

A true believer in the power of the stars, she'll tend to every emotional ailment with a quick rub of her healing crystals. Oh, and she loves a good conspiracy theory!

Celine may seem like she has her head in the clouds but this girl is one of the most reliable characters you’re likely to meet in the village, offering up the best advice, gained from real life experience. She lives to help others, which is why she chose a career as a nurse.

Unlike the other McQueens, she finds it hard to tie down a man. She often misses the signs when guys are flirting with her - mainly because she’s too busy diagnosing their funny-shaped moles!

She is the antithesis of sister, Porsche, but shy Celine is very happy to live in her shadow. The sisters had a tough upbringing which made them really close and they are fiercely protective of each other. Like all McQueens, they’ll do anything for their own!