Household in trouble? Kids running amuck? Don't worry, Breda's on the case! This no-nonsense Mary Poppins may fly to the rescue in a giant people carrier instead of on an enchanted umbrella, but she can still change the most chaotic of houses into a dream home as if by magic!

Breda may have about a million Old Wives Tales to tell, but don't be fooled by her old-fashioned charm! She runs a tight ship, and isn't afraid to use the naughty step, even on the parents!

After a hard day's work of whipping a household into shape, you'll find Breda relaxing in The Dog with a port and lemon in hand, but she can't get too comfortable! Goldie, Sylver and the rest of the McQueens will eventually start causing trouble once again and it'll be up to Breda to sort them out… as Breda would say, "No rest for the wicked!".