Once upon a time, timid Amy Barnes wasn’t exactly the most confident girl in Hollyoaks. Nowadays, she’s a brand new woman with a big heart, bags of confidence, and the dishy DS Ryan Knight on her arm.

Amy is a born survivor. She braved every drama that growing up in Hollyoaks could throw at her, including giving birth on the kitchen floor, dealing with her nightmare mum Kathy and losing her sister Sarah in a sky diving accident. Facing all that has made Amy wise and worldly, but she’s still as gentle as ever, just don’t mistake her for a pushover. Once Amy puts her foot down, she means business. Just ask Ste!

Amy’s had her fair share of heartache and being a single mum has made her wary about dating, but for the first time ever, she’s enjoying a relationship of equals. Her life with Ryan is based on a fun dynamic of give and take; they even play rock, paper, scissors to decide who does the washing up!

Coming together as one big dysfunctional family; Amy, Ryan and Ste will try their best for the long-term benefit of the kids, but will it all be plain sailing?