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Tue 9 Nov, 6.30pm

Hollyoaks: the village in Chester where it all happens

Darren's life is in danger, while Nancy wonders if he's left her for good. Maxine tries to mend things with her mum. DeMarcus has an unwelcome visitor. Leela keeps a secret from her family.

Next on TV: Thu 27 Jan, 6.30pm

Can Cindy convince Ollie to see the light? Cher is left reeling. Warren refuses to listen.

23 mins

Wed 26 Jan, 6.30pm

A heated confrontation between Warren and Sienna leads to a shocking confession

23 mins

Tue 25 Jan, 6.30pm

Tom and Yazz's marriage hits the rocks. Ethan has a dangerous proposition.

23 mins

Mon 24 Jan, 6.30pm

Yazz films a prank on Tom. Misbah makes her case. Ste must act fast. A confession is made.

24 mins

Fri 21 Jan, 6.30pm

Shaq gets a wake-up call. Sienna and Ste butt heads. Can Tom relight the spark with Yazz?

24 mins

Thu 20 Jan, 6.30pm

Has Damon's big gamble paid off? Verity tries to convince Shaq to come clean.

23 mins

Wed 19 Jan, 6.30pm

Sienna and Ste make a discovery. One resident must act fast. Damon gets a dangerous offer.

24 mins

Tue 18 Jan, 6.30pm

The truth about a dangerous couple is revealed, while James directs his anger at Becky

23 mins

Mon 17 Jan, 6.30pm

Sally keeps busy, while Nancy points the blame, and Martine makes a drastic decision

23 mins

Fri 14 Jan, 6.30pm

Ollie is overwhelmed, a McQueen is missing, Martine has terrible news, and tragedy strikes

23 mins

Thu 13 Jan, 6.30pm

In an explosive hour-long episode, lives are at risk as the fundraiser goes up in flames

47 mins

Wed 12 Jan, 6pm

There's another revealing flashback. Meanwhile, Mercedes panics when her son goes missing.

24 mins

Tue 11 Jan, 6.30pm

Prince is in shock. Maya plays a deadly game. A flashback reveals a piece to the puzzle.

23 mins

Mon 10 Jan, 6.30pm

A flashforward reveals a shocking future. Meanwhile, will Ollie help with Becky's protest?

24 mins

Fri 7 Jan, 6.30pm

Maya is betrayed. A shocking secret is revealed. Juliet has marriage on her mind.

23 mins

Thu 6 Jan, 6.30pm

Can Scott make a good impression? Maxine is pleased when Warren stands up for her.

23 mins

Wed 5 Jan, 6.30pm

A blackmailer stops Warren in his tracks, while Maxine comes to a realisation

24 mins

Tue 4 Jan, 6.30pm

There's a shocking update in Misbah's case against Ali. Ollie has a change of heart.

23 mins

Mon 3 Jan, 6.30pm

Maxine gets one step closer to the truth. Felix organises a special New Year for Martine.

23 mins

First shown: Thu 30 Dec 2021

Becky's plan takes a turn. Nana opens up. Martine feels like someone is missing.

23 mins

First shown: Wed 29 Dec 2021