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Thu 2 Sep, 6.29pm

Hollyoaks: the village in Chester where it all happens

Tony is running out of options and finally confesses all to Diane. Cindy has a heart-breaking announcement. Verity is conflicted by her feelings for Shaq. Sami struggles to hide the truth.

Next on TV: Wed 20 Oct, 6.30pm

Warren faces a deadly decision, and a phone call from Felix makes his family panic

23 mins

Tue 19 Oct, 6.30pm

Warren makes a decision but faces a setback. It's the day of Martine's surgery.

23 mins

Mon 18 Oct, 6.30pm

Martine's family decide to keep a big secret from her. Village gossip causes upset.

24 mins

Fri 15 Oct, 6.30pm

Warren's caught up in another crime. Felix stumbles upon key evidence.

24 mins

Thu 14 Oct, 6.30pm

Timmy makes himself at home, but a shock revelation scares Peri. Fergus makes a decision.

24 mins

Wed 13 Oct, 6.30pm

Juliet and Cher make a discovery that could prove Timmy's guilt: will Peri be convinced?

24 mins

Tue 12 Oct, 6.30pm

Juliet gets closer to uncovering Peri's stalker. Warren has a deadly idea.

23 mins

Mon 11 Oct, 6.30pm

Liberty tries to convince Damon to let go of his resentment. Sienna resorts to old habits.

23 mins

Fri 8 Oct, 6.30pm

Damon isn't impressed by what Brody has left Sienna in his will. Ripley and Zara team up.

23 mins

Thu 7 Oct, 6.30pm

It's Brody's funeral, but can Liberty defuse the tension between Sienna and Damon?

28 mins

Wed 6 Oct, 6.30pm

A shocking incident unites Luke and his family. Sienna is determined to seek justice.

23 mins

Tue 5 Oct, 6.30pm

Misbah's outburst causes Sami to question things. Cindy makes an admission.

23 mins

Mon 4 Oct, 6.30pm

Secrets are revealed in the Maalik household. A worried Nancy holds a family meeting.

24 mins

Fri 1 Oct, 6.30pm

Shaq's pursuit of the truth has shocking developments. Nancy confronts Charlie.

23 mins

Thu 30 Sep, 6.30pm

Shaq wants to take legal action to find out who his dad is. A villager is framed.

23 mins

Wed 29 Sep, 6.30pm

Timmy takes drastic measures to cover his tracks. Prince has some explaining to do.

23 mins

Tue 28 Sep, 6.30pm

Has Juliet discovered the identity of Peri's stalker? Two ex-lovers attempt to be friends.

23 mins

Mon 27 Sep, 6.30pm

The McQueens process some shocking information. Peri's stalker sabotages her relationship.

24 mins

Fri 24 Sep, 6.30pm

Sylver tries to avoid his troubles. The identity of Cher's online friend is revealed.

23 mins

Thu 23 Sep, 6.30pm

Things take a distressing turn as Cher hits rock bottom. Sid makes a shocking confession.

24 mins

Wed 22 Sep, 6.30pm