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Wed 7 Apr, 6.29pm

Hollyoaks: the village in Chester where it all happens

In this special Don't Filter Feelings episode, with a focus on mental health, some of the Hollyoaks residents reveal their most vulnerable sides as they are forced to confront their pasts

Next on TV: Tue 28 Sep, 6.30pm

Has Juliet discovered the identity of Peri's stalker? Two ex-lovers attempt to be friends.

23 mins

Mon 27 Sep, 6.30pm

The McQueens process some shocking information. Peri's stalker sabotages her relationship.

24 mins

Fri 24 Sep, 6.30pm

Sylver tries to avoid his troubles. The identity of Cher's online friend is revealed.

23 mins

Thu 23 Sep, 6.30pm

Things take a distressing turn as Cher hits rock bottom. Sid makes a shocking confession.

24 mins

Wed 22 Sep, 6.30pm

Sylver makes a decision. A misunderstanding between two ex-lovers leaves one humiliated.

23 mins

Tue 21 Sep, 6.30pm

Will Sylver forgive Mercedes? It's Damon's birthday. Warren does damage control.

23 mins

Mon 20 Sep, 6.30pm

One resident goes to extreme lengths to get justice, while another struggles to cope

23 mins

Fri 17 Sep, 6.30pm

Sienna and Brody are caught in a tense, emotional showdown with Summer. How will it end?

23 mins

Thu 16 Sep, 6.30pm

Brody and Sienna are forced together when a Hollyoaks resident spots Summer in the village

23 mins

Wed 15 Sep, 6.30pm

A shock turn of events leads to a clash between Sienna and Brody. Can Mandy make amends?

23 mins

Tue 14 Sep, 6.30pm

Nate sets his sights on the Deverauxs. Ella returns to school. Will Prince be truthful?

23 mins

Mon 13 Sep, 6.30pm

There are shocks and surprises at the Deveraux barbecue, with potentially deadly results

47 mins

First shown: Fri 10 Sep 2021

There's something different about Prince: will a new arrival reveal all?

24 mins

Thu 9 Sep, 6.30pm

Prince returns to Hollyoaks. Peri's stalker steals her phone. The Deverauxs make plans.

24 mins

Wed 8 Sep, 6.30pm

Secrets are exposed, and Verity is in the hot seat. Grace gets a new flatmate.

23 mins

Tue 7 Sep, 6.30pm

Misbah and Cleo feel the pressure. A one-night stand leads to a hasty decision.

24 mins

Mon 6 Sep, 6.30pm

Misbah is overwhelmed when the past threatens her family life and an error is made at work

23 mins

Fri 3 Sep, 6.30pm

Tony's running out of options. Cindy has an upsetting announcement. Verity is conflicted.

23 mins

Thu 2 Sep, 6.29pm

Cindy gets some disturbing news. Luke is forced to explain himself. Will Cleo come clean?

23 mins

Wed 1 Sep, 6.30pm

Mercedes is in a pitiless position with Cher. Things take a dark turn for Tony.

24 mins

Tue 31 Aug, 6.30pm