• Next on TV: Thu 3 Dec, 6.30pm

    James discovers that Juliet is dealing drugs and plans to free her from Victor's grasp. Mercedes asks George to help expose the blackmailer. Diane's jealous when Tony seems to be moving on.

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    Wed 2 Dec, 6.30pm

    Joel regrets his actions with Theresa and needs Cleo's help to stop Goldie from finding out. Mercedes makes a shocking discovery. Courtney hopes that Sid's friends can lift his spirits.

    This episode is subtitled23 mins
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    Tue 1 Dec, 6.30pm

    Cher's in danger when she unknowingly comes face to face with Silas. Easy access to Juliet's stash of drugs is too much of a temptation for Ollie. Cleo warns Joel to stay away from Theresa.

    This episode is audio describedThis episode is subtitled23 mins
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    Mon 30 Nov, 6.30pm

    Fearing that the blackmailer is targeting Cher, Sylver tries to find the cash to protect her secret. Goldie feels insecure. Ollie struggles to kick his habit, putting his family in danger.

    This episode is audio describedThis episode is subtitled23 mins
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    Thu 26 Nov, 6.30pm

    Kurt worries that his scam will be exposed. The McQueens try to work out which of them is the blackmailer's latest target. A guilt-ridden Brody ends up bringing his problems closer to home.

    This episode is audio describedThis episode is subtitled23 mins
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    Wed 25 Nov, 6.30pm

    Brody is charmed by a new arrival, but she could spell trouble for him, Warren and Felix. Liberty panics when baby Faith goes missing. Joel is delighted that Cleo is back, making Goldie jealous.

    This episode is audio describedThis episode is subtitled23 mins
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    Tue 24 Nov, 6.30pm

    Brody tries the gentle approach with Liberty, but Sienna ruins everything by ambushing her with a doctor. Mitchell's family learn some devastating news. Scheming Kurt makes Verity an offer.

    This episode is audio describedThis episode is subtitled24 mins
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    Mon 23 Nov, 6.30pm

    Mitchell is missing, causing his loved ones to panic. Sienna becomes increasingly worried about Liberty's mental health. Kurt returns from France with his devious scheme in full swing.

    This episode is audio describedThis episode is subtitled23 mins
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    Thu 19 Nov, 6.30pm

    Toby and Celeste battle to keep their secret as Martine, Mitchell and PC George get too close for comfort. Sienna asks for Maxine's help. Cleo's forced to defend herself against her family.

    This episode is audio describedThis episode is subtitled23 mins
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    Wed 18 Nov, 6.30pm

    Toby needs Celeste's help to hide the truth about Lisa. Scott has a new dream for him and Mitchell. Theresa wonders whether Cleo is the McQueens' tormentor. Misbah helps Marnie to recover.

    This episode is subtitled24 mins
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    Tue 17 Nov, 6.30pm

    Cleo returns to Hollyoaks but how will Mitchell react? Toby panics that his deadly secret could be unearthed. Marnie is in grave danger with Victor. Sid comes to terms with his new reality.

    This episode is audio describedThis episode is subtitled24 mins
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    Mon 16 Nov, 6.30pm

    Ste gives Jordan some home truths, while Sid faces a heartbreaking new reality. Marnie is suspicious when she sees Juliet with Victor. Toby has renewed resentment towards Mitchell.

    This episode is audio describedThis episode is subtitled23 mins
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    Thu 12 Nov, 6.30pm

    Sid's actions have life-changing consequences. Cher finds out that Romeo's been trying to make her jealous: can Tom and Yazz bring the lovebirds together?

    This episode is audio describedThis episode is subtitled23 mins
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    Wed 11 Nov, 6.30pm

    Sid begs for his life, but will Jordan betray his cousin to save himself? The teens attend an illegal party, where Juliet and Peri grow closer.

    This episode is audio describedThis episode is subtitled23 mins
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    Tue 10 Nov, 6.30pm

    The McQueens' blackmailer names the next sin, and John Paul knows that he's the target. Romeo fears that his chances with Cher are over. Will Sid's secret be revealed?

    This episode is audio describedThis episode is subtitled23 mins
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    Mon 9 Nov, 6.30pm

    John Paul reaches new lows to come up with the cash for the McQueens' blackmailer. Can Juliet throw Jordan off the scent of who grassed him up?

    This episode is audio describedThis episode is subtitled23 mins
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    Thu 5 Nov, 6.30pm

    Juliet's new-found confidence impresses Peri, but will Jordan ruin Juliet's chances? The McQueens' torment continues. Nancy's thoughts turn to Kyle when she gets a gift from his parents.

    This episode is audio describedThis episode is subtitled23 mins
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    Wed 4 Nov, 6.30pm

    Theresa and John Paul team up to beat the McQueens' blackmailer, and John Paul is shocked when he thinks that he's uncovered their identity. The Maaliks and Lomaxes react to Ste's return.

    This episode is audio describedThis episode is subtitled23 mins
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    Tue 3 Nov, 6.29pm

    Theresa fears that it's her turn to be exposed by the McQueens' blackmailer. Edward tries to buy Verity's silence. James and Sami do some digging on Kurt. And Ste returns to the village.

    This episode is audio describedThis episode is subtitled23 mins
  • First shown: Mon 2 Nov 2020

    Verity is lost for words when she sees Diane's new look and knows that Edward is behind the drastic change. Tom and Yazz have very different ideas about their wedding.

  • First shown: Thu 29 Oct 2020

    Sienna must choose between her past and her future, while Liberty and Warren take action after Sienna and Brody's deceit. Romeo throws Tom a surprise stag do. And tragedy strikes Hollyoaks.

  • First shown: Wed 28 Oct 2020

    Liberty arranges a naming ceremony for Faith. Sienna and Brody scramble to make their plan work. Tom asks Romeo to be his best man. Can Kurt's business change Mandy and Darren's lives?

  • First shown: Tue 27 Oct 2020

    Sienna and Brody put their plan into action. Liberty has another change of heart. Darren puts his trust in Kurt's business venture. Scheming Toby pushes Walter to stand up for his beliefs.

  • First shown: Mon 26 Oct 2020

    Warren is suspicious of Sienna and Brody. Maxine encourages Damon to follow his heart. Kurt has a proposition for his oldest friends. Is Cher the next target for the McQueens' blackmailer?

  • First shown: Thu 22 Oct 2020

    Tony is shaken to the core by the return of a figure from his past. Mercedes faces the McQueens' tormentor head on. And it's decision time for Tom when Yazz makes a romantic gesture.

  • First shown: Wed 21 Oct 2020

    Tony receives an anonymous note from the 'love of his life', who wants to meet him. Can the McQueens guess the identity of their blackmailer? Juliet picks her side, against her best friend Sid.

  • First shown: Tue 20 Oct 2020

    The countdown is on for the McQueens to pay up before one of their sins is revealed. Diane and Tony start divorce proceedings. Ella becomes trapped in dangerous county lines drug-dealing.

  • First shown: Mon 19 Oct 2020

    The McQueens close ranks to guard their secrets, but who is tormenting them? Victor wants Juliet to recruit new dealers and sets his sights on little Ella. Verity and Sami go head to head.

  • First shown: Thu 15 Oct 2020

    James tries to warn John Paul about George. The McQueens realise that they've all been getting blackmail texts. Edward aims to split up Tony and Diane for good. And a familiar face returns.

  • First shown: Wed 14 Oct 2020

    Sienna and Damon worry about Liberty's mental health. Edward wants Diane to move on from Tony. Warren feels betrayed. James plans to undermine George. Mercedes gets a sinister text message.

  • First shown: Tue 13 Oct 2020

    Warren, Felix and Brody scramble for a solution after their run-in with Cormac. Tom worries that he'll hold Yazz back. Liberty's feelings intensify for the baby she's meant to be giving away.

  • First shown: Mon 12 Oct 2020

    Felix and Warren plan a private reunion with Felix's childhood abuser, Cormac. Sienna and Brody hope to bring their baby girl home, while Liberty struggles with the strength of her feelings.

  • First shown: Thu 8 Oct 2020

    Will Juliet choose a life of freedom with Sid or a life of crime with Victor? Warren and Felix go head to head. Damon encourages Sienna and Brody to involve Liberty in naming their baby.

  • First shown: Wed 7 Oct 2020

    Felix and Warren go into business together at the garage, but who's the boss? Sienna and Brody battle over baby names, and Liberty wishes she had more input. Sid is allowed back to school.

  • First shown: Tue 6 Oct 2020

    Juliet continues to impress Victor, at Jordan's expense. When Jordan tries to regain his status, Victor threatens his life. Sid tries to convince John Paul to let him return to school.

  • First shown: Mon 5 Oct 2020

    Sid and Juliet are mugged during a drugs drop-off, but Juliet refuses to take the blame and puts Jordan in Victor's firing line. Felix worries about Martine. Verity undermines Maxine.

  • First shown: Thu 1 Oct 2020

    Felix wants answers after overhearing an argument between Toby and Celeste. Victor's furious with Jordan when he's late for a job. Sami is impressed by Maxine's idea to expand the law firm.

  • First shown: Wed 30 Sep 2020

    Toby summons Mitchell to his flat: is he planning something sinister? Grace wants to get serious with Felix. Cindy turns a bad news story into a positive advertisement for the Bazaar.

  • First shown: Tue 29 Sep 2020

    Toby discovers that some of the pages of The Red Door - the book that was written about him as a child - have gone missing. But who has them? Grace is a woman scorned.

  • First shown: Mon 28 Sep 2020

    Mandy tries to forget about Darren's journal, but is he in danger? Sienna worries that her dream of becoming a mother again is slipping through her fingers. Toby sees red with Martine.

  • First shown: Thu 24 Sep 2020

    Misbah, Sienna and Brody help Liberty as she gives birth. Darren's obsessive behaviour prompts Mandy to read his journal. Will Marnie and Romeo welcome Juliet back into their home?

  • First shown: Wed 23 Sep 2020

    Sienna blames Warren for letting his own past affect Brody. Liberty goes into labour. Victor wants Juliet to move back in with the Nightingales. Darren's behaviour worries Mandy.

  • First shown: Tue 22 Sep 2020

    Brody opens up to Sienna about his visit to confront Buster in prison. Juliet confesses her true feelings to Peri. Charlie is finding it hard to move on after Kyle's death.

  • First shown: Mon 21 Sep 2020

    Juliet is love-struck after kissing Peri but lands herself in trouble with Victor again. Misbah gets flustered by a mystery phone call. Sienna discovers why Brody has been so down recently.

  • First shown: Thu 17 Sep 2020

    Sid and Juliet take over Imran's party guest list in the hope of selling Victor's drugs. But Sid gets annoyed when Juliet is too distracted by Peri to keep her mind on the job.

  • First shown: Wed 16 Sep 2020

    Juliet defends Peri but ends up in hot water with dangerous drug boss Victor. Edward emotionally blackmails Verity into helping him win over Diane. Is romance in the air for Romeo and Cher?

  • First shown: Tue 15 Sep 2020

    Tony worries that his kids see him as a monster and urges Diane to live the life she deserves without him. Juliet is shocked to discover that Jordan is two-timing Peri with Peri's mum, Leela.

  • First shown: Mon 14 Sep 2020

    James makes his move on John Paul, but George won't give him up without a fight: is John Paul in danger? Elsewhere, Diane tries her best with Tony.

  • First shown: Thu 10 Sep 2020

    Felix continues his search for answers. Verity is confused by Tony's living situation. James mocks John Paul and George's lack of common interests, leaving John Paul worried.

  • First shown: Wed 9 Sep 2020

    It's time for the first dance, but Mitchell has gone AWOL. Meanwhile, one of the triplets discovers that there's been a horrifying mix-up. And a power cut throws the wedding into further chaos.

  • First shown: Tue 8 Sep 2020

    As Mitchell prepares to say his vows, will Walter's arrival put a stop to proceedings? Later, a clash between the triplets looks set to end in tragedy for one unlucky victim...

  • First shown: Mon 7 Sep 2020

    In the present day, several villagers are under police interrogation. Meanwhile, in flashbacks to Scott and Mitchell's wedding day, trouble is brewing.

  • First shown: Tue 21 Jul 2020

    As Scott celebrates his hen do, can Mitchell bring himself to tell his grandad Walter the truth about their wedding? Felix plays with fire. And Sienna tries to take Brody's mind off Buster.

  • First shown: Mon 20 Jul 2020

    Martine demands to know what's going on with Felix. Brody is on a mission to get justice, but is he still battling his own demons? Scott refuses to keep his and Mitchell's wedding a secret.

  • First shown: Tue 14 Jul 2020

    Warren meets up with his childhood carer, Cormac, to get some answers. Felix has a big surprise for Scott. Darren feels as if everyone is treating him differently. Goldie gets a makeover.

  • First shown: Mon 13 Jul 2020

    An emotional Nancy makes a moving speech at Kyle's wake. Scott returns to Hollyoaks and is heartbroken to hear about his friend. Darren tells Mandy about his suicidal thoughts. Warren surprises Felix.

  • First shown: Tue 7 Jul 2020

    A grieving Nancy decides she's not going to Kyle's funeral: can her friends change her mind? Darren confides in Nancy about his attempt to take his life. And Warren opens up about his past.

  • First shown: Mon 6 Jul 2020

    Can Edward stop Tony from seeking a second doctor's opinion? Sid tries to recruit Charlie to sell drugs. Sienna panics when her hospital appointment about Sebastian is brought forward.

  • First shown: Tue 30 Jun 2020

    Tony's mood swings take a turn. Jordan is under pressure, while Sid tries to get back in Leela's good books. And a smug James realises that John Paul ditched a date with George for him.

  • First shown: Mon 29 Jun 2020

    Sid blames Jordan for what happened at school, while Peri makes a shocking discovery in Jordan's bag. James wants Juliet to come home. And will Tony's test results bring good news?

  • First shown: Tue 23 Jun 2020

    Sid and Juliet could be in trouble when the police search Hollyoaks High: can they hide their drugs in time? Damon takes on too much. Ollie is mortified about his school presentation.

  • First shown: Mon 22 Jun 2020

    Jordan tasks Sid and Juliet with selling drugs at the school fair. Sienna asks Sally for her job back. Damon decides to throw a gender reveal party for Sienna and Brody.

  • First shown: Tue 16 Jun 2020

    Nancy is inundated with visitors who want to pay their respects to Kyle. Luke and Darren have a heart-to-heart. Jordan sees an opportunity to sell more drugs.

  • First shown: Mon 15 Jun 2020

    Nancy receives some devastating news from Darren that affects many people in the village, and the blame is shifted from one person to the next. Brooke struggles to process what's happened.

  • First shown: Tue 9 Jun 2020

    Kyle gives Nancy, Oscar and Charlie the perfect day, but it ends in tragedy. Darren tells Luke that he's depressed. Mercedes catches Cher stealing from her.

  • First shown: Mon 8 Jun 2020

    There are more surprises in store for Sylver and Mercedes following the shock announcement at their vow renewal. Mandy tries everything to help Darren. Kyle begs Nancy for a second chance.

  • First shown: Tue 2 Jun 2020

    Mercedes and Sylver renew their vows, but there's a shock when an uninvited guest makes a big announcement. Kyle urges Darren to help him fix things with Nancy. Peri is smitten with Jordan.

  • First shown: Mon 1 Jun 2020

    Can Nancy ever trust Kyle again? Jordan and Leela have a heart-to-heart about their upbringings. Mercedes and Sylver are loved-up but unaware that someone is watching them...

  • First shown: Tue 26 May 2020

    Nancy struggles to trust a spiralling Kyle to look after Oscar: can Darren help Kyle to prove himself? Mercedes has had enough of Sylver's behaviour but gets a surprise when she confronts him.

  • First shown: Mon 25 May 2020

    Kyle makes a shocking discovery. Tony starts his new medication, prescribed by manipulative Edward. Tom makes a move that doesn't go down well with Yazz. Mercedes feels like a third wheel.

  • First shown: Tue 19 May 2020

    Edward urges Verity to take his side. Tony makes a surprising decision. Charlie passes Jordan's test. Sami makes a move. And are Tom and Yazz about to take things to the next level?

  • First shown: Mon 18 May 2020

    Verity makes a shocking discovery about Edward: will she jeopardise his plan? Drug-dealer Jordan sets his sights on Charlie. Sami can't hide his feelings. Romeo gives Tom some love advice.

  • First shown: Tue 12 May 2020

    Tony has a life-changing decision to make. James plans to win back John Paul. Charlie needs cash but starts looking in the wrong places. Ollie and Brooke embark on a business venture.

  • First shown: Mon 11 May 2020

    Tony is shocked to receive some devastating health news. Scott and Mitchell have big news for Martine. John Paul has a date - but his ex James admits that he still has feelings for him.

  • First shown: Tue 5 May 2020

    Tony wants to build a relationship with Verity, but can their father Edward be trusted? Mitchell is desperate to prove to Scott how much he loves him. Sally steps up her matchmaking plan.

  • First shown: Mon 4 May 2020

    Verity is on a mission to prove Mitchell's innocence, while Scott wonders what his boyfriend could be capable of. Meanwhile, Sally plays Cupid for John Paul and PC George Kiss.

  • First shown: Tue 28 Apr 2020

    Tony is glad to be feeling happy again but is concerned about the new pills he's been taking. Meanwhile, Sami wants to join the law firm. And the Deverauxs try to work out who is guilty...

  • First shown: Mon 27 Apr 2020

    Verity interrupts Tony and Diane's alone time. Liberty launches the Hollyoaks Easter Egg Hunt, but the day soon descends into chaos, thanks to some shocking Deveraux family revelations.

  • First shown: Tue 21 Apr 2020