Tom is having second thoughts about living with the Cunninghams, prompting Milo to come up with a plan to change his mind. Later, Cindy is shocked to hear about Milo’s past, when he tells her about his time spent at Young Offenders.

Milo is furious when he catches Dirk with stolen goods and urges him to get rid of them, but Dirk does the opposite and orders more stock instead!

Darcy panics when she can’t find her confession letter about killing Tracey. Later, Jesse turns up with papers from the salon, with the missing note hidden among them.

It’s the day of Tracey’s funeral, but the situation turns ugly between Jesse and Adam. Later, Darcy is confronted by her mystery man, Glenn, who knows Darcy is to blame for Tracey’s death. Just as Adam and Jesse arrive it’s revealed that Glenn is actually their father!

It’s not looking good for Damon and Brody when they lose their jobs at Duke Street Social! However, smooth talker Brody charms Ellie into giving them jobs at The Dog.

It all gets too much for Damon when he comes face to face with Maggie and Scott and lashes out at the both of them. As the pressure gets starts to get to him, he goes into meltdown and decides to get dangerously drunk! With no one else to turn to, will Brody be able to get through to him?