Grace is heartbroken as Warren and Sienna’s wedding is getting closer and closer. She confides in Tracey about her affair and admits that she’s in love with Warren. Tracey fully supports Grace and encourages her to fight for her man.

Sienna and Kim lie that they have to go to a wedding dress fitting, but Grace catches them in The Bean where they get their stories mixed up, leaving Grace suspecting something’s up.

Warren walks in on Sienna in her wedding dress, but just as things start to heat up and she pushes Warren away...

Later on, it’s Warren and Sienna’s wedding day and Grace believes that Warren will choose her! Will he stay loyal to Sienna or fall into the arms of bad girl Grace?

It’s possibly Darren’s last day of freedom, but Nancy’s still refusing to see him and goes to work instead of spending it with him and the kids.

Darren turns up at the school anyway to surprise her with a picnic, but she’s furious and sends him away.

Later, gambling addict Darren gives into temptation and goes to Damon’s bar for poker night.

Nancy is upset when she finds a letter from Darren, whilst Darren confides in Jack about how scared he is.