Hi Jacqueline! What’s in store for this hour long special festive wedding?

jacqueline: Well, there is so much happening in this episode. Everyone better hang onto their hats!

How does Simone feel about her ex-husband marrying another woman?

J: Simone is devastated. Her and Louis continue to have this deep connection despite everything, so she can’t really believe that he’s marrying another woman.

How do you think Simone will react when she realises that Louis was married to Martine?

J: It’s literally unbelievable that Louis was married Martine! Of all the people in the world they could both have chosen! It’s such a betrayal by the two people she should have been able to trust the most.

Who do you think Louis truly loves?

J: Louis truly loves Simone, it’s always been her. She’s the mother of his children, and they were so happy for many years.

Does Simone feel guilty for lying to Leela?

J: Simone doesn’t feel great lying to Leela, as she holds herself to a very high standard, but come on... it’s her Louis!

Does Simone secretly enjoy sneaking around with Louis?

J: I think Simone enjoys the thrill of the unexpected snatched moments in unusual places.

What should be Simone’s New Year’s resolution?

J: I wish Simone’s New Year’s resolution is to finally put Louis behind her and get on with her life. Enough is enough, there have been too many lies, and she could never trust him again!

Hi Kelle! What’s in store for this hour long special festive wedding?

Kelle: It is going to be a thrilling and emotional ride.

How does Martine feel about her ex-husband, Louis marrying another woman?

K: She is gutted and feels cheated, almost like her marriage to Louis was a complete joke. However, she is determined to hold it together, so that nobody else is aware of her pain.

How do you think Martine will react if she discovers Louis has also been sleeping with Simone?

K: She’ll be devastated, as she thought Simone was totally over him.

Does Martine feel guilty for betraying her sister?

K: Yes, absolutely!

Who do you think Louis truly loves?

K: Simone… But I think he fantasised with the notion of being Martine's husband, and all the fun and connection that brought with it.

Does Martine enjoy having a secret lover?

K: No! She just wants to be part of a happily married couple.

What should be Martine’s New Year’s resolution?

K: To look after herself and be honest with herself.

Hi Kirsty, what’s in store for the hour long special festive wedding?

Kirsty: It’s a Hollyoaks wedding, no one does them better and it’s also Leela’s third attempt at tying the knot! With the drama escalating and the truth so close to coming out about Louis’ secrets, it’s bound to be a drama filled, emotional event!

How does Leela feel about the big day?

K: After losing Tegan, Leela is so thankful and grateful for the people she has around her, especially Louis. He has been her rock and has really been there for her. She wants to make sure she never loses him and thinks life’s too short to wait. She wants to marry him as soon as possible and can’t wait for the big day.

How do you think Leela will react if she discovers all of Louis secrets?

K: Leela’s world would come crashing down if she learns of Louis’s unfaithfulness. She had a tiny glimpse of suspicion he was up to no good and asked Louis out right if he was having an affair, but he told her to her face that he wasn’t… She believed him. So, for him to have lied when given the opportunity to come clean, will be another stab in the back.

Who do you think Louis truly loves?

K: As much as I love Leela, feel so protective of her and would love to see her happy in a relationship, I don’t think Louis genuinely loves her. I think he loves to care for her and loves his son Daniel, but I think his heart is truly with Simone. (I personally have always been The Lovedays number one fan, and was heartbroken when they split up!)

Does Leela truly not realise Louis is keeping secrets from her? Has she ever nearly caught him?

K: When Tegan died and Leela was receiving a lot of sympathy/condolence flowers, one set of flowers arrived which weren’t on the sympathy list! They were actually addressed to “Yogi Bear” (Louis), sent from Louis’s new wife, Martine. When Leela found out the flowers had been sent from an admirer, she quickly put two and two together to make five, blaming the whole thing on Simone. Thinking Simone and Louis must have been reuniting behind Leela’s back, she confronted Louis. Leela has been so busy recently, grieving the loss of her best friend and sister Tegan, she might have felt she had slipped up and not been on the ball when it came to Louis doing the dirty behind her back. She was also blind-sided by Louis, whose reaction to the confrontation was to make out that Leela wasn’t being herself with everything going on, and that she wasn’t in a right frame of mind… Turning the whole thing on her!

What should be Leela’s New Year’s resolution?

K: I think Leela needs to take time out for herself. She’s always been the head of the family since her mum and dad died, she’s always tried to look after everyone and put everyone first before herself. She needs to book a five-star cruise around the Caribbean, take time some out and find her sassy self again!

Hi Karl, what’s in store for this hour long special festive wedding?

Karl: Well, well, well... It’s definitely going to be full of Hollyoaks style Christmas cheer... ish! Louis is over the excitement and spontaneity of Martine and manages to get her to divorce him! With the Wedding ready to go ahead, he is still pining after Simone and spends his last night cuddled up with her in Price Slice. He breaks Simone's heart the next day, when he tells her he still intends to marry Leela. He insists it is out of duty. With Zack spotting his mum and dad in an embrace, he convinces Simone to go to the wedding and put a stop to it, but although deep down, Louis loves Simone, he has to go ahead with it!

How does Louis feel about his big day coming up?

K: He's apprehensive, but feels he has to do the right thing and go ahead with the wedding to not hurt Leela any more than she has been in recent times. Also, to secure a future for him and his baby son, Daniel.

How do you think the women will react if they all find out the truth?

K: They will be livid! His life won't be worth living. None of them are pushovers, they are three very strong and volatile women.

Who does Louis truly love?

K: That’s easy… SIMONE!

Does Louis feel any guilt for what he’s done?

K: Absolutely, but he has gone too far and feels he has to make the best of a bad job.

Has Louis secretly enjoyed balancing three women?

K: At the beginning, most definitely. He felt a renewed vigour for life, which was brought on by the hedonism of China and Martine… But it didn't take long for that feeling to wear off. When he realised how much he had to contend with, he was never any good at juggling.

What should Louis New Year’s Resolution be?

K: To have some self-control around the ladies!

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