Hi Duayne, can you tell us what happens next week on Hollyoaks?

Duayne - So next week, Harry and Zack decide to start meddling in each other’s love lives. Harry knows that Zack still loves Holly and can’t get over her, so he sends her a message from Zack’s phone telling her exactly that. Harry’s having his own problems with his love life, because James is focusing on Romeo and there’s no room for Harry, so Zack sets him up on a blind date. They’ve both got each other’s best interests at heart, but I’m sure there will be a few problems with their plans.

How does Zack feel about Louis?

D - Zack feels let down and betrayed. All he’s ever wanted was to be a tight family unit, and after he saw his mum and dad kissing in Price Slice, he really felt like this could be the time for them to make things work… But to see his mum so broken after what Louis did to her cuts him deep, especially with the fact that it involved his Auntie Martine. Zack feels broken.

How close is Zack to his parents?

D - Zack loves both his parents to bits, but he has a very special connection with his mum. He has a heart of gold, so as much as he loves Louis, he’s realising that his dad is everything that he doesn’t want to be in life.

How does Zack feel having Harry back?

D - He’s excited to have his best friend back. He just wishes they could actually start spending more quality time together, without all their separate dramas interfering in their friendship.

How has Zack coped without best friend Holly, does he still love her?

D - Zack has just had to get on with life since Holly went travelling with Ellie. He definitely misses her, and he’ll always love Holly. I’m not sure he’d have wanted Harry to send the message to her, but maybe it’ll work out for the best? You’ll have to wait and see!

How is it working with your Loveday family?

D - I love working with the rest of the Lovedays, there’s never a dull day when I’m on set with them. We all take our jobs very seriously and are very professional, but we always know how to have fun and enjoy ourselves as well.

Hey Karl, can you tell us a bit more about what happens to Louis next week on Hollyoaks?

Karl - Louis still thinks he’s being rehabilitated with Breda at her pig farm. How he doesn’t realise that it’s a rouse when it’s a dirty, decrepit, disgusting place, I don’t know! He eventually thinks that he’s being drugged and kept sedated, and soon after realises that it’s probably the special tea that’s doing it… so, he then decides to stop drinking the tea.

Breda lets him write a letter when he wants to get in touch with his family. While he’s writing this letter, he sees an impression on the paper from the previous page, which exposes Breda as the serial killer. So now he’s like “what am I going to do?” He starts to bide his time and try to get away. He has a couple of attempts to escape, which are short-lived, and then next week, it all comes out that he’s discovered Breda’s history and he pleads for his life! He pleads that he’s going to be a good dad again and go back to his family, but Louis and the audience know that he’s got no intention of going back to Leela, because his true love is Simone. When Breda realises that he’s discovered her secret, she has a big decision to make.

Is he scared of what Breda is capable of?

K - Definitely! When he finds out about the people she’s killed before, he knows that she’s not a joker. She’s obviously a force to be reckoned with, and he’s not in the best physical state. I think he starts putting two and two together and concludes that she may have murdered her own dad too. She’s told Louis that her dad was abusive to her and her mother, and then she flippantly says that he fell down the stairs drunk and died – he realises that he’s in extreme danger.

How would you describe Louis and Simone’s relationship?

K - They’ve been together since they were kids, they are each other’s true loves. They’ve been through so much together and they can’t live without each other. Louis realises he’s made a massive mistake by messing up his marriage to Simone, and I think he would like to turn the clock back, make amends, and be back with his true love.

What went through Louis’ mind when he found the note Breda sent to the police?

K - I think he realised that he’s in the hands of some crazed, megalomaniac psychopath. For her to do a “Haha! You’ll never find me!” confession letter to the police, he realises that he’s dealing with a person who is not to be messed with. Obviously, she’s capable of some gruesome acts… So, yeah… He’s properly scared.

If Breda let Louis escape, would he stick by his word and make things work with Leela?

K- Hell no! He’s going to go straight back to Simone without a shadow of a doubt.

What happens when Simone turns up to the pig farm?

K - When Simone turns up at the pig farm, Louis can’t believe it! He’s been found! So, he makes as much noise as he possibly can in his hostage situation. He’s desperate to get her attention, makes his way to the window, he’s tied up in the wheelchair and then falls to the floor, desperate to get away, but will he?

Even though Simone never reads it, why does Louis choose Simone to send his danger text to?

K - Because he knows that even through everything, she will stand by him (she’s said as much before), and he thinks that the only person that’s going to understand him is going to be Simone. She’s known him for so many years that she really is the only person that he can trust in this situation. He knows that Breda looks after Baby Daniel, and Leela could say something to Breda and give it away. So, he knows the only person he can trust in these circumstances is Simone.

How much do you enjoy being part of the Loveday family?

K - It’s amazing! We have such synergy, and when we work together it feels like we’re all working towards the same goal. We rehearse together and we just have a laugh as well, but always get the work done. We’re all really committed and professional, and we just buckle down. Jacqueline, Duayne and Rachel are just fantastic to work with. You have a short-hand when you know someone so well, you know what they’re thinking and what they’re going to say. You can give each other notes about what you’re doing as well, it’s brilliant!

Hi Jacqueline, can you tell us what happens next week on Hollyoaks?

Jacqueline - Next week on Hollyoaks, Simone decides to make a change with her life and move on for the better.

How has Simone been coping since Louis left?

J - Ever since Louis went AWOL, Simone has been really worried. It’s not like him to disappear like this, so she’s fearful of what could have happened to him.

How would you describe Louis and Simone’s relationship?

J - Simone and Louis were the loves of each other’s lives, despite everything they have been through. After being together from such an early age, they have always stayed very strong and united, despite weathering some awful storms. Or so she thought…

How does Simone feel when she thinks Louis may have chosen Leela?

J - Simone is upset, although she is more bewildered that Louis could chose Leela over her. Despite his actions, she knows in her heart of hearts that he truly loves her, and that it’s only because of Baby Daniel that he might go back to Leela. She knows that Louis could not have a child in this world and not be crucial part of their life.

Why does Simone go to the pig farm?

J - Simone feels that she has to go to the pig farm to confront Breda, after she overheard her cruelly telling Leela that Louis would be mad to choose an ‘old’ woman like Simone over her. Simone won’t stand for that!

Has Simone forgiven Louis?

J - She’s starting to forgive Louis at the very least. Simone has decided that despite everything that has happened, she loves him, wants to put the past behind them and try again.

How does she feel about Martine after discovering she married Louis?

J - Simone is utterly incandescent with rage over her sister’s involvement with Louis. She believes it’s the ultimate betrayal. Of all the men that she could have become involved with, Martine chose her sister’s husband. It makes her begin to question whether she had secretly harboured deep feelings of jealously over their relationship for all these years.

What it’s like being part of the Loveday family?

J - Being part of the Loveday family is the best thing about being on Hollyoaks. Having genuine love and friendship for each other makes it an absolute joy. To click with your onscreen family and to have the same work ethic doesn’t make it feel like work at all.

Hey Rachel, what has Lisa been up to in Hollyoaks?

Rachel - Lisa is doing everything in her power to get rid of Mercedes. She’s obsessed with Liam and basically feels like Mercedes is getting in the way, so she’s trying to do everything in her power to stop that from happening. She’s going to do everything she can to try and frame Mercedes and get her arrested. She’s also spending a bit of time with her family, her mum, her brother and her Auntie Martine. They’re trying to move past the fact that Louis has been having an affair, and they’re all just trying to have a fresh start.

How does Lisa feel about Louis after discovering the affairs?

R - She’s upset and heartbroken by it, because Louis was the father she never really had. Even though he is biologically her dad, she wasn’t brought up by him because she was abducted at a young age. Since returning back to her family and reconciling with them, he’s been the person she confides in and looks up to, so she is heartbroken. If he can’t be the man that she trusts, then who can she trust? I think a lot of it is the reason why Lisa is the way she is.

How close is Lisa to her parents?

R - Since returning, she’s always given them problems, but in recent days she’s become extremely close to her mum and dad. Simone and Louis have been amazing and have helped Lisa become a better person, so she’s definitely become very close to them.

How is Lisa’s relationship with Liam going?

R - I don’t know if you’d call it a relationship. Lisa is just allowing this guy to treat her like rubbish and she shouldn’t. She’s a strong woman, but there’s something about Liam that she just really likes. It’s that dark and dangerous side or that he’s always in control, she really likes that. She’s been through a lot and she just can’t help falling for guys like that. It’s a shame, because no one should stand for that.

Does she see Mercedes as a threat to her relationship?

R - Yes, she does, most definitely! That’s why she does anything in her power to bring her down, because Mercedes is equally as strong as her. She’s a very sassy vibrant character, just like Lisa. Mercedes isn’t your Plain Jane girl next door that Lisa can have that hold over. She’s just as challenging, and Lisa definitely sees that as a threat. She doesn’t like the fact that Liam wants them both… two of the strongest women in the village!

Why does Lisa always tend to be attracted to dangerous men?

R - I definitely think it’s because of the things that she’s been through. Being abducted at such a young age, being closeted, and basically locked away for so many years, she’s come out this sassy person who loves to party and loves to have that distraction. Liam is a distraction, she likes to live that lifestyle and be surrounded by naughtiness. When she found Nathan, he was such a good guy and yet she went off and left with his dad because again, it’s that distraction, where she can’t just be happy. I feel like Lisa is very problematic, and those dangerous men seem to be a way to forget about normal life.

How is it working with your Loveday family?

R - It’s great! I love working with Karl, Jacqueline and Duayne, they’re just such a great bunch of people and I

really love working with them. They’ve taken me under their wing. When I first joined the show, they had already been here for about a year, so it was quite nice for them to show me the ropes and we’ve become really good friends.

Will Louis be able to escape Breda's clutches and will the rest of the Lovedays pick up on his strange disappearance? Find out by tuning in to Hollyoaks at 7pm on E4 all this week!