Hi Steph, where has Cindy been for the past few months?

Cindy has been in a mental health facility for the last couple of months, trying to recover from her bipolar relapse.

How does Cindy feel about the prospect of Alfie leaving for Washington?

She’s obviously sad about the prospect of her son, Alfie leaving. Holly’s already left and they’re her closest family, apart from Tom and Hilton. However, I think that the unselfish side of her is happy for him, and thinks that he should go after his dreams.

How do you think Cindy will feel when she discovers Mac has swapped her medication?

She will not be happy about it and will want a bit of revenge, but I think that at the same time, she’ll also be happy that it wasn’t her own fault. She’ll definitely be out to get him when she leaves the facility.

Is Mac any match for Cindy?

Maybe he will be, because he’s quite devious, so who knows what will happen in that regard?

How will Cindy get her house back?

I think that she will recruit the impeccable lawyer that is James Nightingale, to help fight her corner and get her house back. I’m sure she thinks she can win by stating that she wasn’t in her right mind when she signed the papers over to Mac. She’s hoping that she can win with that, but as its Hollyoaks, things don’t go as smoothly as they seem.

Why does James help Cindy?

I think James only gives Cindy a place to stay by default. She basically plays on his heart strings a little bit because she’s with Hilton at the time. She says to him that they’re homeless and if only she knew someone with a spare bedroom, so they could both have somewhere to stay… But unfortunately, she ends up sleeping in the same bed as Marnie, so lots of fun to be had there!

How hard was it for Cindy not to spend the festive period at home?

It was really hard for Cindy to spend Christmas day away from her family, especially Alfie and Hilton. It’s not very ideal to be in a facility over the festive period, I think she would have loved to be home spending quality time with them.

Will we be seeing anymore double act antics between Cindy and Marnie?

We will definitely be seeing a lot more double act antics between Cindy and Marnie. It’s actually quite hilarious the fact that they’ve got to share a bed in the same room and they’re getting on top of each other all the time. There’s a lot of sniping back and forth, but I think there is some love there, between the two of them. I like to call them frenemies. I really do love working with Lysette Anthony though, she’s hilarious and I’ve literally laughed non-stop working with both Gregory and Lysette on these scenes. They’re both really fun to work with.

Cindy has had an amazing range of storylines, is there anything you’d particularly like to explore in the future?

I’ve had so many amazing storylines over the years, and I’m always really grateful for whatever I get given. I suppose there are other avenues I’d like to explore in the future, but I’m just not sure what they are yet. I feel like Cindy’s done everything, so I guess it’s up to the producers and the writers to come up with something different and maybe take Cindy in a new direction. That may be happening soon, but we just need to watch this space.

What is life like on the Hollyoaks set?

I absolutely adore working at Hollyoaks, that’s why I’m still here! I’ve worked a long time on this show. It’s been my family, it’s my second home and you come to work every day to play dress up and hang out with your mates. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really hard work, but I just love coming to see a different array of people every day and it's always great when you’ve not seen someone for ages, then you can come in and have a good catch up and gossip!

How has life on the Hollyoaks set changed over the years?

It’s like one big story unfolding. It changes, but you don’t really notice until you actually sit back and think over the years of how things have changed. The cast has definitely grown a lot bigger, so you do form a lot more friendships and you still have your close circle of people that you work with as well. It’s always great to work with different people because you form strong bonds with everybody. When you work with new people, you get to know them and their characters, so it’s always a lot of fun. The sets have also been done up and changed as well. I do love Cindy’s house, which has housed many Hollyoaks characters over the years and I just can’t wait to get back in it to be honest!

What were you up to since you’ve been away?

I’ve been to Iraq with my charity, Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation to visit the refugee camps out there and that was a real privilege to do. I’ve definitely changed personally since doing that and I’m trying to be more grateful for everything that I’ve got. Also, I’ve just been spending time with my girls and on myself really, by giving myself the space that you need when you’re working so much. It’s always nice to rejuvenate yourself, get fit and be kind to yourself, when you’re away from the set.

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