Hi guys! What do Marnie and Cindy get up to next week?

Steph - Cindy returns home from Spain, only to find that Mac has moved an entire family into her house. She teams up with Marnie to help get rid of Donna-Marie, but how far will they go?

Lysette - Well surprisingly, Marnie and Cindy realise that there is strength in them putting aside their differences. They have the same objective; to get rid of Donna-Marie, and to reveal Mac to be the treacherous snake that he is.

How is Marnie coping, now James has exiled her?

Lysette – Badly. She is bereft and sad. Of course, she misses James because, as with every mother/son relationship, James will always be her baby boy. She feels guilty because she will never forgive herself for having failed to protect her boy from his loathsome father, Mac.

And Steph, how is Cindy coping without Holly and Dirk?

Steph - I think she is coping alright, surprisingly. She had some time away with Jude in Spain, and has come back to drama at home, so her mind is definitely elsewhere.

Why have Cindy and Marnie decided to live with Mac?

Lysette- Marnie moved in with Mac and Cindy, because the park bench wasn’t looking very inviting and she had nowhere to hang her many clothes! Bottom line is that, beneath all her tough, sophisticated sarcastic exterior, is a very scared middle-aged woman. She herself, is lost. Nathan died tragically, her daughter, Ellie, has run away ostensibly and Alfie is refusing to have anything to do with her. So, in her mind, she feels she’s about to lose her entire family.

Steph- Mac is manipulative in a way that makes you feel sorry for him. Cindy genuinely believed he needed her help, at this point she isn't scared of him because she doesn't know he has ulterior motives.

Lysette - I think they are continuing on the back of believing, ‘better the devil you know’, and also, as with everything with Marnie, the key is Alfie. She believes that if she can repair her relationship with Alfie, she’ll do that at any cost. Rather foolishly, she thinks that she can read Mac, that he has a few surprises left… Which is a big mistake!

How close do they both feel to Alfie?

Lysette - Marnie loves Alfie more than life itself. Again, she is riddled with the guilt of raising someone else’s child, challenging. This guilt manifests into an absolute devotion for Alfie. Also, he really is the son she never had. He even looks like her! She absolutely adores him and will not function very well unless the relationship can be repaired.

Steph – Cindy’s relationship with Alfie is great at the moment, they have a really strong bond and care for each other immensely.

What do they think of Donna-Marie and her family?

Steph - Cindy isn't impressed by Donna-Marie at all and wants nothing to do with her. She thinks she is bad news and wants her out of her house!

Lysette – Marnie is utterly disgusted by Donna-Marie. She will never forgive that woman for her part in hurting James… But blood is thicker than water, and however traumatic Romeo’s existence has proved thus far, he is Marnie’s grandson and family means the world to Marnie Nightingale.

How far will they go to get rid of them?

Steph - To great lengths. Cindy and Marnie team up to get Donna-Marie arrested by planting Donna-Marie's purse at the scene of a robbery. Needless to say, this doesn't go according to plan.

Lysette – Marnie would slaughter Donna-Marie at any given moment!

Who do you enjoy working with most on set?

Steph - Lucy-Jo Hudson and I have become fast friends! She makes me laugh so much and you can always find us huddled in a corner having a good old gossip.

Lysette - I honestly have the best on-set time. I’m really lucky to be surrounded by such fun, talented gorgeous people, especially Greg! He’s quite simply the best on-screen son! He makes me sob with laughter, and we share a similar sense of the ridiculousness! The Liverpudlian winter I can do without, but the people, the Hollyoaks team, they make my world sing… Especially when Nick Pickard is around, because working with him is like being in a continuous episode of Glee. The man quite literally never stops singing!

How far will Cindy and Marnie go to get rid of Donna-Marnie? You'll have to tune in to Hollyoaks all this week at 7pm on E4 to find out!