Hi Moya! We recently discovered Breda is a serial killer, how did you feel when you first found out?

I was absolutely thrilled! This story line is such a fantastic opportunity to explore such complex territory in acting.

What do the McQueens get up to this Christmas?

A normal traditional family Christmas I suppose... You should expect plenty of food, bling, and a lot of tension...

How excited is Breda now she can finally spend Christmas with both her children?

Breda LOVES Christmas! She's a stickler for tradition, mixed in with more than a pinch of magic. This one is extra special, because she has both her kids at the table. Breda believes with all her heart, that ALL children should have a magical Christmas.

How does Christmas day go for Breda?

Well, it certainly has it's ups and downs…

Do you think Breda feels guilty, or regrets any of her murders?

Perhaps a twinge here and there, but she is clear about her mission to rid Hollyoaks of bad dads, ensuring a village full of happy, fulfilled children, raised by strong independent mummies. She has a vision, and she is committed to that vision.

Why does she take it upon herself to decide who’s worthy enough to live or die?

Breda is a very humble woman, and God is making all of those decisions. She believes she is just following orders.

How different are you from your character?

Not that different... other than the murdering! I'm untidier and not as respectable.

How is Breda’s budding relationship with Jack going?

Breda has genuine feelings for Jack. Feelings she is not used to. He's a good guy, and his sincerity and persistence have managed to melt the icy walls she has had to build to protect her damaged soul.

Breda has recently gained a new family member… Bronzer the dog! How excited is she?

Well, she is smitten. What a wonderful gift for Breda… such a smashing little pal, and an excellent accomplice. Now she has her Goldie, her Sylver, and her Bronzer, her heart is bursting.

Will the McQueens have a peaceful Christmas with #KillerMcQueen hiding in plain sight? You'll have to tune in to Hollyoaks all this week at 7pm on E4 to find out!