This week Tracey gets her hands on some info that could get rid of Darcy, what are her initial thoughts?

Her initial thoughts are probably relief, as she thinks this is finally the chance for Darcy to get her comeuppance. Tracey has been waiting a long time for this, so I suppose there is also some type of excitement that she can prove she’s been right all along.

What would it mean for Tracey to get rid of Darcy?

I think for Tracey it’s the most important thing in the world. She thinks that it would just bring happiness to her family and finally give them the chance to bond again without Darcy scheming behind their backs.

What lengths would Tracey be willing to go to make sure Darcy was no longer in her family’s lives?

Well, you have to consider that Tracey isn’t always the most stable person, so I couldn’t tell you to what lengths she would go. She could do something really extreme!

We have seen Grace and Tracey beginning to bond, do you think they can get past their problems and start a fresh?

Yes I think they can. Grace is starting to open up to Tracey a lot more, there was always a wall there that seems to be knocking down. Tracey can now see that there’s a chance they can have this mother daughter relationship that she’s always wanted.

How have you enjoyed your time so far at Hollyoaks?

I have loved it! It is one of the happiest shows I have worked on. The level of talent among the actors is quite incredible and I am just having the best time. It’s just a wonderful happy family here.

What’s it been like working with your onscreen family and their girlfriends?

Ah we’ve all become such good friends. Although Tracey and Darcy have this real hatred for each other, I absolutely adore Aisling and we are great friends!

What is it like playing the role of Tracey?

It’s interesting; I haven’t played anyone like her before. I have played women that are damaged, but she has so many flaws that it has been quite a challenge to make her likeable – if she even is? [laughs].